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  1. darkflare83

    new body lost 140 pounds

    well shit i ve lost 140 ppounds and was bags of skin n bones but i ve worked my ballz off and got this body... about freakin time too and proud if it XDD iu knbwo i know its stupid to post it on this thread but dam i m just happy i made it u know?
  2. darkflare83

    re intrducing myself

    hello i m re intrducing myself sorry if my spelling is mistaken hehe anyway i havent bveen using alldeaf for a year m aybe more than that i lost count but nevertheless iw anna say hi and good to be back again and to know about me i enjoy writing songs playing vidoegames and bench lifting...
  3. darkflare83

    trying out some song lyrics check it out

    hidden shadows this is an song i m writing about how i feel right now been feeling this way for a very long time hope you all will understand my pain 'hidden shadows" why must i remain hidden, rejected and shunned?, my heart s tears shows my pain, how can you be so blind, all those pains...
  4. darkflare83

    read this pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    two purpose of this poem or song whatever you like to call it is one to show you all who i am and two because i want to show you what my thought and perception is k here goes,, "lonely flames" i m closing my eyes from the scars of lonliness, i am tired of living in my own world i ve never...
  5. darkflare83

    songs/poems for God and Jesus

    everyone i want to hear your praise to God and Jesus just say anything you wish i would love to hear it i ll start "warming light" you are my warming light my Lord, even through i was crying with my heart s being, my hands are up on high reaching for the...
  6. darkflare83

    getting to know me better

    hey you all i know i ve been posting for a while but i noticed i havent formally introduced myself i am deaf as you all may know and some people here doesnt like me some people here does like me so if you want to get to know me more then just simply chat with me thru pm or something like that...
  7. darkflare83

    i m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! about time too!!!

    finally i m back from the hell of an relationship man very nasty business i feel good not being with her my ex anymore believe me she doesnt know loyal if it hits the board side of the barn man i m finally free and it felt so good i know i should feel hurt but actually i dont well maybe i do at...
  8. darkflare83

    an life within an life..............

    i have an question what if there is an life within an life and our lives is an lie? like matrix, think about it what if everthing we do is an lie? ( no i dont think that way but itz fun to discuss it) what if we woke up hooked up to an machine being used like an battery? dont it make you wonder...
  9. darkflare83

    phantasy star universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in case any of you played that game my screen name for it is darkblade83 so keep an lookout for me and that game is soo awesome!! i m at level 27 right now and pretty soon i ll be at level 28 from what i ve seen so far that game has alot better looking monsters than phantasy star online and...
  10. darkflare83

    time to clear things up

    window.............. need i say more?
  11. darkflare83

    alchemy.... is it real?

    this is purely an simple debate so no bashing needed for those who dont know alchemy is used with science and magic mix together i ve always wondered if its real because there are rumors about it personally i dont believe in it but i like to keep an open mind so tell me your opinion of its...
  12. darkflare83

    an song about our love read please!!!

    this song is about my love for my woman i wanted to share it with you all hope you ll enjoy it and please give me your feedback and your song if you have any i would like to hear it.......... "we cannot go wrong" we cannot go wrong, how could we?, our love binds us from afar, when you...
  13. darkflare83

    love of your life

    what i want to know is how did y ou meet your love of your life and i m going to tell you an story so open youe eyes and listen well gather 'round, i was once an lonely man more lonely you would ever known virtually rejected by the world like i was an outcast i lived in an apartment for a...
  14. darkflare83

    eve online

    for those who dont know eve online you dont know what you re missing believe me :bowdown: and as for those who know about eve online there ll be more huge expansion pak coming soon this year which means more of :rl: heh anyway also added alot of more regions ships factions ships and factions...
  15. darkflare83

    single ladies out there????????

    first of all this is an purely out of curisoity thing so submitting an post is not necessary just im me at aim darksniper83 if you wish first of all i m single red hair with glasses blue eyes musclar/ chubby build kinda like an football player i m 22 and i m irish but in america of course so...
  16. darkflare83

    what s your opinion in halloween?

    my opinion? witch crafts kidnapping poisoned candies cults and kids wreaking havoc need i say m0ore?
  17. darkflare83

    for fei ku

    hello hope this make you feel better (dry your sorrow away) dont be sad my dear dont you dare to cry, come and look upon the skies the sunshine, god is watching you my dear wiping your tears to dry, dont be filled with rage my dear, for the angels around you hope to see soul s...
  18. darkflare83

    how would you feel????

    how would you feel if someone who you care as friends siblings even sweethearts blocks you on aim or any other chat messngers for no apparent reason?
  19. darkflare83

    read this you ll love it

    i want to write an poem/song for god he loves us all so much!!!! (holy grace) i was lost in this world enjoying every pleasures, i was in darkest world my tears was falling, you, oh lord have reached out and heard my soul s painful cry, you...
  20. darkflare83

    end times and rapture and hurricanes????

    do you know for an fact that the bible actually predicted the twin tower terrorist attacks and hurricane happening? the end days are here true nobody knows exact date yet there are proof that it ll be in our generation the bible said things ll happen where it have never happened before hence the...