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  1. Justin Sane

    irony :mrgreen:
  2. Justin Sane

    absent father

    and poland invaded france in less than 45 minutes? :lol:
  3. Justin Sane


    Rob Gun Shop with Toy Pistol
  4. Justin Sane

    my new cell!!!

    I dont see unlimited data transfer package on any of those cell-phones.
  5. Justin Sane

    If you are enagaged..what kind of ring do you have??

    I gave my fiancee a platium ring with one 1 1/4 CT diamond and 4 other diamond(I think?) I dont remember how it look like. :o
  6. Justin Sane

    my new cell!!!

    :ugh: I wouldnt waste my money on those, if you can talk on cell then thats whole different story.
  7. Justin Sane

    Work Vs. SSI/SSDI

  8. Justin Sane

    What is your #1 Pet Peeve?

    People that dont know what they are talking about. :mad2:
  9. Justin Sane

    My town has some serious problems. . .

    I dont really care about 4th of july.
  10. Justin Sane

    Weeds or LSD?

    Minnesotians calls it Brake Fluid.
  11. Justin Sane

    R u man enough to drive a stick shift or wimp out and drive automatics?

    not always, its depends on what motorcycle. My honda sl-350 is one up and 3 down.
  12. Justin Sane

    u look picture now pls

  13. Justin Sane

    i am driver on stock cars! for 15 years

    Sponsor me. :mrgreen:
  14. Justin Sane

    What is your iMood?

    I dont want to waste my time telling you guys my moods.
  15. Justin Sane

    is there ever a deaf superhero?

    you can be a super slut.
  16. Justin Sane

    Cost of Living

    That's just a excuse. I have few friends who livin' in california on their own, they have no problem with living cost there. Usa is full of whining lazy asses.
  17. Justin Sane

    Cost of Living

  18. Justin Sane


    yeah right. :roll:
  19. Justin Sane

    Cost of Living

    WTF? I am 22 years old and I own the house. Its all about work, and money wise.