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    Hate Crimes in Seattle, Washington :(

    Two charged in previously unreported Capitol Hill Gay-bashing Men threaten to kill two people, use anti-Gay slurs by Robert Raketty - SGN Staff Writer Two people told police that their lives were threatened and were called anti-Gay slurs by two men during the early morning hours of...
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    More ideas for re-name The Closet

    I posted another thread that included the poll and I asked for any members to come up with new ideas that isn't on the poll. No one bought it up so I think I can try again to see if you guys have new ideas to re-name The closet. GLBT Lounge is seen very popular to re-name The Closet so far...
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    Come on and show us your beautiful skyline! :)

    Find the better picture(s) of your city skyline. If your city doesn't have skyscrapers, you can show us your city's downtown area too. :) Here is my city, Seattle, Washington skyline. I took these pictures of it. Your turn to show off of your city! :)
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    Transgenders faced discrimination in Seattle, Washington. :(

    SEATTLE -- Two transgender men say they're the victims of discrimination after they were kicked out of a downtown mall for allegedly using the wrong restroom. Trouble began when Simon Adriane and Sean Brochin needed to use the bathroom after watching a movie at Pacific Place mall in downtown...
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    I have questions for deaf people who goes or went to colleges

    I always wonder why many deaf people prefer to go to Galluadet University or NTID/RIT or CSUN? Why not they want to go to random school like UCLA or UCSB or Harvard or Princeton or ASU or UW or any public or private universities? I have nothing against Galluadet or NTID/RIT or CSUN... I don't...
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    Any Deaf Interior Designer Out There?

    I am an interior design student at Art Institute of Seattle. I have a year left until graduation. I will have a degree of Bachelor's of Fine Arts (BFA) in interior design. I often wonder if there have deaf professional interior designers around. I know a several deaf people that went to interior...
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    Dear Joshua

    You can ask me anything for advices just like Dear Abby or Dear Amy on newspapers. :)
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    Don't you hate it when hearing people being ignorant about deaf customers?

    Are you? This morning, I called Rudy's (hair salon) to see if they have some time available for me to walk in and get my haircut though Sorension Video Relay Service (SVRS). -The video relay interpreter explained to the man, "Nick" how SVRS works... -Nick: Can I help you? -Me...
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    Why Deaf Gays...

    If the url isn't working... The link is YouTube - Why Deaf Gay Men Are... Do you agree with him? Why? Why not? MVlEiipYDAs Mod Note: Replaced HTML coding with proper BB coding.
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    ASL Film: Forget Me Not

    Anyone seen it yet? I just saw it last night. It is very interesting film. I am very happy that we finally have ASL Film. I am very looking forward to see their second film, Wrong Game. It is little weird to watch a movie that is 100% ASL that you have to watch it without open caption. I...
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    The Closet Poll

    I have been asked by a several members here to create new thread with polls to rename it. PS: If anyone here have better name ideas, just suggest it here on this thread. :)
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    Hey MOD! Please rename this Closet sub forum

    I don't like the name of "Closet" at all... I find it as offensive against homosexuality... Please rename it to GLBT Lounge. Thanks!