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  1. EagleCherokee63

    New Download for BB in Emergency 911 Calls Using SVRS

    Sorenson IP Relay Try SIPRelay™ Mobile for BlackBerry® Beta testing of our latest SIPRelay technology is now completed! Be one of the first to get a sneak peek at the fully-functioning free download that connects users directly to SIPRelaly from their BlackBerry smartphones. Download...
  2. EagleCherokee63

    Pah! Sprint new Blackberry Curve 8330

    Sprint Relay Store - Welcome! I ordered Blackberry Curve 8330. It will arrive 4 days to my house. I can't wait!! I excite sprintTV COOL!
  3. EagleCherokee63

    New Blackberry 9000

    BlackBerry 9000 in the wild - Engadget Mobile
  4. EagleCherokee63

    New BlackBerry Curve 8830

    BlackBerry® Curve™ | The New Smartphone That's Brilliant and Beautiful Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 is coming soon! BlackBerry - Smartphone Software - PDA Download at I really like it so much! I will buy one soon!!
  5. EagleCherokee63

    This Movie is About Cats Flying!

    YouTube - This Movie is About Cats Flying Funny lol!!
  6. EagleCherokee63

    GalaxyAngel, Surprise me!

    DeafVIDEO.TV - Deaf Videos and Vlogs My good friend email me look there. I watched each video lists. I shocked that you was in video. I excited watch your ASL video COOL! I told my friend I not know how video in download. I will drive and visit my friends house and teach me how asl video. Yes...
  7. EagleCherokee63

    Wrong Game Movie

    Last Saturday, My husband and I went to movie name is Wrong Game. It very good one! Whoa! How I can't image!
  8. EagleCherokee63

    Our dog passed away!

    We cried and missed our dog so much. Our dog passed away last week. show you our dog picture here. I made scarpbook frame for my husband. He cried and loved it. We hugged it. My cat made me crap now because he missed dog. Our cat keeping meow meow meow for few days!!
  9. EagleCherokee63

    Finally RETIRED!!!

    Bob!! :bye: :cry:
  10. EagleCherokee63

    VRS/Scam/FCC huh?!?!?!

  11. EagleCherokee63

    Liption Green Tea/Citrus!

    I bought a bottle of Lipton Green Tea w/ citrus. I drank it and it was very delicious from my first try! I really loved it alot!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :angel: :angel: trust me, you can test buy one any store.
  12. EagleCherokee63

    Jesus painting!

    Whoa! INSPIRED!! YouTube - The Splat Experience
  13. EagleCherokee63

    Woman faces death penalty in S.D.

    First woman faces death penalty in S.D. - Yahoo! News
  14. EagleCherokee63

    Canyon skywalk may bring riches, widen divide

    WP: Canyon skywalk widens divide - Highlights -
  15. EagleCherokee63

    OOOOPPPSS!!! Deaf Drive!

    :laugh2: :giggle:
  16. EagleCherokee63

    Can you help me build-in Webcam ?

    Can you help me how solve the plm built-in Webcam in my new a laptop? I am very frustrated! does download EnVisionSL. I cant find it huh? I hope It will helping the solve plm. Thanks! God Bless you!
  17. EagleCherokee63

    Excite new a Laptop!

    I am sooo EXCITE!! I had a new laptop HP ahhhhh!! Beautiful Windows Vista!! built-in Web cam Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 Burns DVDs and CDs remote Windows Vista hhmmm nice free 4 lists Printer Router Tax Cut PC Resource Kit :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :fruit:
  18. EagleCherokee63

    The True story of Queen Esther!

    I watched it rent movie name is One Night with the King. It good movie! Praise Lord! I cried out! VICTORY! Queen Esther is a very very BEAUTIFUL lady. Haman was hanged! ~ One Night with the King ~ The Story of Esther ~ click here The Old Testament Esther. Ohhh MAN!! WHOA!! King is a...
  19. EagleCherokee63

    EagleCherokee63's cartoon picture!

    My good friend designed my picture. Ohhh he add my hair is cherokee LOL! My hair is short cool!!! Look here Thanks my friend! Ohh GOSH!! He is very a job art!!
  20. EagleCherokee63

    Lauren Nelson From Oklahoma wins Miss America crown!!

    Lauren Nelson from Oklahoma wins Miss America crown (Photo) - Pravda.Ru HORRRAAYY!!! Oklahoma is my home!