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    Postal Service says it’s immune from local traffic laws

    Huh? This is not true from what u guys say about us. Yes I drive USPS truck everyday. I follow the law and USPS . They are very strict with us the way we drive. We even have postal inspectors stop us and check on us to make sure we do right way. Even UPS and Fed ex drive crazy, I have seen them...
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    Obamacare watch...Supreme Court Decision

    please explain little bit more about what this court upheld? meaning people without insurance must pay against their wishes or they pay big fine? still?
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    Obamacare watch...Supreme Court Decision

    What about those businesses with less than 50 employees? Have you run your own business before? I predict more companies goes out of businesses. we are still in slump.
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    Saw someone else's quote about oralism

    Still can not forgive my former oral teacher. yeah this quote fits me till then I need to forgive her which never!
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    Why it's important to get a good grade in school....

    Depend on those teachers. My husband has learning disability and he has high skill in many areas. He flunked out of high school but he made sure his work is perfectionist as a machinist when he was building a plane with bunches of people. He said he will never fly on any planes because other...
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    Do you Believe?

    I enjoy hunting haunted houses and I am hoping to go to Cripple Creek in Co to check out the haunted buildings out there. I got a book about it from a dear friend years ago about this ghost town place. so neat. Also Cripple Creek, Co supposed to be number one haunted city in America
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    Bipolar Disorder

    Thank you :) Pituitary tumor is what I have and people who have this similar disorder are dealing with mood swings too.( many doctors does not know about it) I read yours and feel for you. I talked with my sister last night about medicines she worked at the state hospital, two of her patients...
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    Need help to my 3 yr old son

    speech disorders? No deaf kids have speech disorders. How do you communicate with your 3 years old son? I hope you learn some sign language to communicate with him. I am sure many of our parents went thru same road as you are facing now with us and do not know what to do with us but we all...
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    Bipolar Disorder

    Be caution when you pointed finger at other people if you think they have bi-polar. For instance my mood swings came from my over active pituitary gland and I am on medicine to keep proclatinoma under control. Someone told me that I have bi-polar that made me mad because they assume without know...
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    im plans have weight loss surgery

    Good luck, my co worker went thru surgery 3 years ago and she lost a lot of weight but she still is not skinny and still consider overweight. I watched her eat, still unhealthy.
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    Merced woman who stabbed her husband to death goes free

    She is still a killer and should not be free. IHMO
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    Do you Believe?

    yeah possible. I have seen them and knew danger is ahead of me then I felt protect from it. As for your mother, she should be in heaven and waiting for you. I only see my parents not here on earth but thru God's. I have a story to share, when I was in late 20's and had two little boys at that...
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    Do you Believe?

    I have seen them but ghosts? no. I do believe in paranormal but not ghosts.
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    Do you Believe?

    Plenty of white dresses everywhere, they are guardian angels. Of course she is assigned to you and stay with you.
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    Do you Believe?

    maybe they are not really a ghost but a guardian angel?
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    I learned last night, it is better to be alone than having a friend who depend on you to help them with their own dramas and $. I am tired and wanted to be left alone so I can focus on my own self and my own family who need me. I have a job and they don't. They wanted to move in with us because...
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    Which Dog Food?

    Thank you for letting me know about blue. I am trying to find right kind of food for my senstive dog with bad hair and breath. Now I know. I will try find other brand. :)
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    Sugar Causes Heart Disease

    Get use to stevia, I can not eat real sugar or honey at all. I do not eat any artificial sweeteners at all too. I use stevia in my oatmeal for little sweetener and on bread when I can not have jelly because of sugar. I would suggest to check out for hydrogen oil fats, they cause health problems...