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  1. KikLove

    Family Flees Home from Stalker

    I admit stalker stories always creep me out. :shock: Even as a joke this could set me on edge. From:
  2. KikLove

    Break-in suspect leaves wallet behind

    I've noticed this happening a lot in the strange news around the web lately in the past year. I saw something like this just last fall. :laugh2: Read more here:
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    Giving Middle Finger

    Giving someone 'the finger' in Japanese Sign Language doesn't mean what you think it does: From:
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    Senior citizen looses housing subsidy from hiding prostitute

  5. KikLove

    Couple Melts Bullets for Cash

    Tacoma couple charged after explosive device blew up in their home | Tacoma | The News Tribune :wtf:
  6. KikLove

    Man Tries to Arrest Mayor

    Police: Man impersonates officer, tries to arrest mayor - News - Mobile :laugh2:
  7. KikLove

    Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop

    Fake cop allegedly tried to pull over deputy :laugh2: Thankfully this bluelighter didn't find an actual victim.
  8. KikLove

    Woman Breaks Into Jail Average people do their best to stay out of jail. Monique Deshawn Armstrong, on the other hand, apparently wanted to be in custody — and went to extreme measures early Monday morning to see to it that...
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    Thieves Steal Entire Kitchen
  10. KikLove

    Man Armed with Potato Holds Store

    THE ASSOCIATED PRESS PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Police say a man used a potato to pretend he had a gun while trying to rob a Rhode Island business. WPRI-TV reports (Potato-wielding man tried to rob store, dry-cleaners | WPRI 12 ) that the man entered a convenience store Monday with a potato and...
  11. KikLove

    Oregan woman sues Walmart over shampoo

    Jennifer Fahey sues Walmart for $10,000 over Equate Everyday Clean Dandruff Shampoo - :roll:
  12. KikLove

    Miley Cyrus College Course

    March 27 (UPI) -- If you're a Skidmore College student and you can't get enough of the media back-and-forth about Miley Cyrus' transformation from Disney Channel princess to twerking, tongue-happy pop star, then you're in luck. Carolyn Chernoff, a visiting assistant professor of sociology at...
  13. KikLove

    Vatican Cocaine Condoms German customs officials have intercepted a package addressed to the Vatican containing 14 condoms filled with cocaine. A government spokesman said a box packed with 340 grammes of the drug, valued at...
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    Thieves tried to sell items back to victim

    Police: Thieves tried to sell items back to victim |
  15. KikLove

    Amputee veteran turned away by Starbucks employees

    Amputee veteran turned away by Starbucks who won't let his service dog in store | Mail Online Why oh why am not surprised this is Starbucks? :roll:
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    Ghost hunters are mistaken for burglars

    Ghost hunters in Pa. are mistaken for burglars | :laugh2:
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    Berks County Man Calls Police To Report Stolen Strawberry Jell-o

    Berks County Man Calls Police To Report Stolen Strawberry Jell-o « CBS Philly Good grief...:laugh2:
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    Hawaii can’t fit woman’s last name on license

    [Hawaii can’t fit woman’s last name on license |
  19. KikLove

    HAs and Ear Infections

    I've had a really bad ear infection the last few days in both my ears. Both are constantly hurting and loud sounds are making it worse. I haven't been wearing my hearing aids but the doctor told me to visit with my ENT but not wear my hearing aids when I went. So I checked in with my ENT...
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    Apartment Safety + HOH Concerns

    Hey everyone, I recently moved into a new apartment and I really like it. It is smaller, better lit outside of the apartment (at night), I have a balcony (which connects from the bedroom to the living room) and a fireplace. I live alone. I've only been here about two weeks and I told the...