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  1. sleepytaz

    In Memory of Carl Schroeder

    I liked him, he was one neat guy and I'm glad I was able to meet him once in person. :) Namaste.
  2. sleepytaz

    Plans on Christmas Day?

    Bah Humbug!
  3. sleepytaz

    14yo girl kills her newborn

  4. sleepytaz

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Start with one and keep on watching another one. There are like over 50 movies to chose from, no?! :) I rather enjoy doing the same thing myself. ;) Cheers!
  5. sleepytaz

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Oh and also how I need to change my username! This username no longer fits me these days! :) BAHAHA!
  6. sleepytaz

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    I am thinking... it had been a L O N G time since I've been lurking around here. What's up y'all? :)
  7. sleepytaz

    I need opinions on DeafVIDEO.TV

    It's up to you, your kind of vlogs are always welcomed. There is and both are good. DVTV has been running for few years while deafcube had just begun like a year or so ago. I use DVTV and your vlogs would be a huge welcome there. Don't expect much, just be...
  8. sleepytaz

    Which year you registered on AD?

    2004 I'm here, yet I'm not...
  9. sleepytaz

    Relationships that came from AD

    That's cool :) I'm out of touch who who are around here. I live near to a big city that has a decent sized Deaf community. :)
  10. sleepytaz

    Relationships that came from AD

    No, the person I'm with isn't even a memeber or visits AD. This person is Deaf as well. We met thru our brothers who went to the same college and they introduced us. :) Happily together for 5 yrs now.
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    Nah :)
  12. sleepytaz

    So, uhh, I'm teaching myself ASL...

    That's neat! I visited Canada few years ago and enjoyed myself very much. How is your ASL learning coming along?
  13. sleepytaz

    Last Movie You Watched?

    Yes, I agree. That was what he wanted.
  14. sleepytaz

    So, uhh, I'm teaching myself ASL...

    Rain- good site and good start. :) Keep that up. If I may ask, where are you from?
  15. sleepytaz

    Last Movie You Watched?

    "Shinjuku Incident" Good movie. Jackie Chan was a good actor in this movie. For once, he wasn't in an action movie. He was just acting. :) Well done.
  16. sleepytaz

    Favorite Facebook game?

    Zoo World- It used to be an addictive game for me- now I only play when I remember to feed my animals! :) I wouldn't dare to join any other games as I don't much of my time to the computer much these days. :) Other wise I'd play some acrade games on FB as well. :)
  17. sleepytaz

    Making small talk with hearing strangers

    Shel90- Long time no see. :) Often of the times I nod and pretend I understand them and often it was kept short. Smile and nod. There was this one time when I was living in PA- at a train station... there was a lady who said hi... I waved back. She started getting all animated and...
  18. sleepytaz

    What are you thinking about? Part II

    I'm thinking about what a good movie I had just watched where Jackie Chan was just a regular actor- not action type of movie. It was a good movie. "Shinjuku Incident" and now it's quite late for me, so I gotta get myself into bed soon. :) GN
  19. sleepytaz

    Your School Story Experience to Share

    What Anij said- very true... once you have your parents on your side and they'll make things smoothier for you. My parents were on my side. :) No problem about the interpreter thing- after all they're doing their job and you ought to make sure that YOU understand all of the informations that...