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  1. marcyp06

    Alert System

    Anyone have either of the alert sytems in this picture? Trying to decide which is best to purchase.
  2. marcyp06

    Best "alerting" systems.

    I'm looking to outfit a condo with any and all available technologies. My girlfriend has a vibrating alarm, but that's it. I want a doorbell notification, fire alarm, ability to hook in baby monitor... suggestions?
  3. marcyp06

    Tapping Bracelet

    So i've wanted to invent a vibrating pager bracelet for a while... and today I found out that someone has created a prototype and it is in beta testing! Check out their Facebook and share the page to spread the word!
  4. marcyp06

    Deaf product production help

    I have a product idea that I would really like to see manufactured and marketed. But I dont have the startup money to do it myself. Some people have suggested using kickstarter but I dont know if even that is an option. Ideally I would just like to talk to a company who already makes products...
  5. marcyp06

    Vibrating Bracelet idea

    Posted this in the Deaf Products and Technologies forum, but havent gotten any responses and would like to hear from parents of Deaf children. A typical scenario in the hearing world (be it at a playground, mall, school, etc) is a mom yelling her childs name to get their attention. Sometimes...
  6. marcyp06

    Input needed and appreciated!

    A typical scenario in the hearing world (be it at a playground, mall, school, etc) is a mom yelling her childs name to get their attention. Sometimes its "Time to go home!" Sometimes it's "Watch out, there is a car coming!" Parents of deaf children are not able to simply give an instruction this...
  7. marcyp06

    iASL app dissapeared

    The iASL app for ipod/iphone has dissapeared... does anyone know what happened?
  8. marcyp06

    Searching for someone

    This is somewhat of a strange post... I am searching for someone. She is a Deaf Punjabi woman, probably in her late 20's. She is transgendered, born male but living as female, and identifies as a lesbian. She is most likely going by the name Scarlett May, though that isnt her given name. She...
  9. marcyp06

    Chat program

    I am transcribing for a deaf high school sophomore currently. Its been a month now and for the first three weeks I was basically just typing up notes, printing them, and giving them to her at the end of the day. This week we finally got a dual laptops, with the idea being that I can type what is...
  10. marcyp06

    Transcribing software

    Im starting a new job on Monday morning, working as a transcriber for a deaf high school student. They currently do not have any software in place and I am looking around to find some different options. I found the TypeWell program but have read that it is practically impossible to pass the...
  11. marcyp06

    Looking for some statistics

    Finishing up a research paper and have a couple things I cant find. I'll edit it to take them out it needed, but thought i'd ask around here first. What is the percentage of Deaf-Ed programs in hearing schools that use pure (or very close to) ASL? What is the percentage of Deaf teachers in...
  12. marcyp06

    Deaf Research Paper Topic

    I've been assigned a (3 page minimum) research paper for my ASL class. On ANY topic in Deaf Culture. Im a good writer and really enjoy research... but this is such a BROAD spectrum of topics I can discuss... and im totally lost! Any suggestions? I want something UNIQUE!
  13. marcyp06

    How do you want to call 911?

    This is a national survey being conducted by the FCC to see how people with disabilities want to call 9-1-1 in the future when they can use the Internet to send pictures, video, texts, as well as voice telephone calls. This is an important accessibility objective! When you need to call for help...
  14. marcyp06

    Video overload! My niece and nephew (both deaf)

    Got to see my niece and nephew this weekend, havent seen them in a few months! So exciting to see them, took LOTS of pics and video, so now I will overwhelm you!! Melika calls horse dog Damien helps feed horses, Melika explores animals Melika walking, playing Melika loves her Daddy...
  15. marcyp06

    "I think you're missing the point..."

    I received a call from a friend last night asking if I would be comfortable interpreting for a medical appointment. Me: "No, im not certified. Im not really comfortable in any interpreting situation, definatley not a medical or legal appointment." Friend: "You've interpreted stuff before...
  16. marcyp06

    Deaf, CODA, and Interpereter Cruises!

    Fantastic Cruise Workshop Weekend for Sign Language Interpreters On Board Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas 10/8/2011 - 10/13/2011 This time we sail from the East Coast for the storybook island of Bermuda! CMP at Sea™ 2011 - Bermuda! We have found the perfect cruise for...
  17. marcyp06

    My first video

    YouTube - What You Came For by Molly Cottrell in PSE/ASL Im not a big fan of ASL signed music on Youtube because I feel that it can really butcher the beauty of the language. At the same time I do respect the need of ASL students and other to practice in order to improve! Its a thin line...
  18. marcyp06

    Kelly's new video

    Im in love with this girl. YouTube - "Rolling in the Deep" Adele (ASL)
  19. marcyp06

    My dog :-)

    Meet Rupert!
  20. marcyp06

    More school frusturations

    It feels like every time I find the right path a giant boulder falls out of the sky and blocks my way. A few months ago I was pondering my future and it hit me that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Becoming part of the Deaf community has been so second nature to me that I hadnt even...