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  1. Phoenix23

    Going away for a while.

    Well, this week marks my birthday and my march into my late twenties. :eek3: I have been incredibly stressed between work, school and other work, I just don't have any me time, so starting this Thursday I'll be vanishing for a week or so. I just need to take a little vacation and some well...
  2. Phoenix23

    For any WoW gamers, any kind of server...

    Okay, I'm sorry but I saw this and about peed myself laughing... If you've ever played WoW for any period of time... You'll get it... lmao! :giggle: Yes, I know I'm a nerd like that. =P
  3. Phoenix23

    Arizona Sheriff

    Why The Inmates Wore Pink « Blog « Cellution Group
  4. Phoenix23

    LGBT Floridians

    This is totally random... but I figured... hmm, why not? I'm newer to the site, and I don't really know a lot of gay / lesbian / Trans people in the first place... but who I really know none of, is deaf or HoH gay, lesbian or trans people! I'm all alone in a rainbow world of silence. =P lol...
  5. Phoenix23

    Newbie =P

    Hello! I just joined the site about 5 minutes ago... =P I am currently HoH, I've been losing my hearing for a few years now, it's slowly getting worse. Honestly, I'm just hoping to meet other HoH / deaf people in my local area to make friends with. =) I like doing just about anything. =)...