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  1. ambrosia

    Cochlear Implantation Surgery 7/28/15

    Long time no see guys! So this has been a long road for me, but I have a date. I went for a cochlear implant evaluation back in March. I'm posting the results of that. My audiogram was basically blank. Most of you guys probably can read it, but if you can't those arrows at the bottom of the...
  2. ambrosia

    Deafness due to measels, meningits etc and vaccinations

    I haven't been around much lately so I'm not sure if this has been discussed. With the recent measles outbreak my facebook feed has been bombarded with vaccination articles. I have a fascination with comment threads, it's like a human zoo, a cesspool of hate and bigotry usually. I have seen...
  3. ambrosia

    Deaf Film Camp "Happy" video
  4. ambrosia

    The Ultimate Weight Lifting Guide for YOU

    I came across this site and it is so awesome I had to share. It is the most comprehensive guide I've ever seen for designing a program to meet whatever goals you have no matter your fitness level. It has rips for your diet. The Ultimate Weight Training Workout Routine
  5. ambrosia

    Motivational Quotes~Life, Love and Happiness

    Pretty self explanatory. Tonight I'm going to go a little nuts posting them to get it started. I'll start posting one or two almost everyday, I follow a few pages on facebook. Feel free to post your own and give thoughts and opinions to postings. and here we go, if you're going to do...
  6. ambrosia

    Why Women Shouldn't Wear Heels

    Personally I have a hard enough time just standing in one spot wearing high heels. Stilletos, fahgedaboudit, death traps. Oh I had to mop my face after this video. [Funny] Models Falling with High Heels - YouTube
  7. ambrosia

    Deaf NFL player Derrick Coleman's Duracell commercial

    "I've been deaf since I was I didn't listen." I freaking love that man!!!! Duracell: Trust Your Power - NFL's Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks - YouTube
  8. ambrosia

    Colorado pot shops will run out any day now

    Colorado's Pot Shops Will Sell Out Any Day Now - PolicyMic Interesting. Growing recreational marijuana didn't become legal until the 1st either......that seems a little short sighted. The stuff they're selling right now came from the medical supplies.......If they run out it could be a few...
  9. ambrosia

    Dragon dictation app

    My dad just showed me this app. It's not really deaf technology. I think it more for dictating emails, a person could speak and it's turned into text they can then email. But it could be convenient for us. Someone that you're having a hard time understanding, you have go to the app and have them...
  10. ambrosia

    5 yo Koda signs her schools Christmas songs for her parents

    A hearing friend of mine posted this on my facebook time line, he's such a nice guy. This girl is sooooooo cute!! "Holy moly, this is adorable. While belting out a Christmas song at a school concert, a KODA (kid of deaf adult) performed sign language so her hearing-impaired mom could...
  11. ambrosia

    My kids insane Christmas list, annotated *forewarned daddy got a potty mouth*

    In case you missed this, it went viral last week. It's hysterical My Kid's Insane Christmas Wish List, Annotated
  12. ambrosia

    Problems with heat and overheating

    I know very little about cars, most of my knowledge extends to things I've had to have repaired. So gear heads, a little background. I have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid I bought in July of 2010. Obviously I didn't need to start using the heat until a few months after I bought it. The first time I...
  13. ambrosia

    Finding an audiologist

    Yes I'm a bit lazy, I might be able to google this. But I like having all of you guy's experience to draw off and you guys tend to have better advice. So I just moved to Texas, I'm not about to go to an audiologist any time real soon, it's just something I was thinking about. I will want to...
  14. ambrosia

    Awesome Memes

    You know we all see them all the time, let's share our favorites :D I saw this one yesterday on facebook. OMG I almost died laughing. Really, I was eating a salad wrap from McDonald's and almost choked. Oh it's too funny. Looks like that bird really does spend a large amount of time there...
  15. ambrosia

    Closed Captioned Glasses and Regal Cinemas

    New Closed-Captioning Glasses Help Deaf Go Out To The Movies : All Tech Considered : NPR I have yet to find a theater that offers anything more than a set of headphone for the HoH. I've seen glasses like these mentioned on here before but they don't have them around me. This is good new...
  16. ambrosia

    What is most hated candy?

    Yes, the favorite candy when you were a kid got me thinking of this. I have always, for as long as I can remember hate almost all Easter candy, cadbury cream eggs, marshmallow eggs, and yes peeps too. Christmas hard candies, gross!! Black licorice and jelly beans, the black licorice, not all...
  17. ambrosia

    Just got Purple IP relay and I have stupid questions

    I need to make some phone calls, and I'm going to admit I'm a bit nervous about trying this. But I was checking it out last night and in the settings you can set a greeting? How does that work? Because you type in the text, does the operator say your greeting or something? Is it a computerized...
  18. ambrosia

    More Bone Conduction loss?

    The last few weeks I've noticed that I've been having a harder time understand everybody. Well a couple days ago I was checking out my aid, looking at the tbes, wondering if they needed replacing, or the filter were dirty, if I had moisture in the tubes, or if I just needed new molds. Well I...
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    Let's play a game. I got this book Zobmondo, Would you rather, the outrageous book of bizarre choices, for Christmas. I thought it would make a fun thread. Everday I'll try to post another question from the book. Now, I'll ask the question, and if you choose to answer you can't answer...
  20. ambrosia

    "I just want you to be happy"

    When someone is breaking it off with you why the hell do they do this? Oh you just want me to be happy? Well I was happy with you, so uhm thanks!! Seriously why do they have to bullshit? I get a long list of why I am so awesome......but he just can't see a future for us. Why? And when I ask why...