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    Deaflympics now in Taiwan till 9/15 International Committee of Sports for the Deaf - Welcome
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    Gallaudet looking for a new President

    Presidential Search Process 2009 now have an application for President of Gallaudet University. I wondered if hearing people can be president of Gally??????????????? or more protest by the deafhood crew at CSD-Freemont.
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    When you click on forum tools, you can subscribed to thread. I noticed all subscriptions are off after 3 days. How do you make it permanent? Thanks
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    10 digits number

    Is Sorenson phasing out the 10 digits number give to hearing people? Like after June 2009, no more number for privacy reasons. True?
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    "Deaf Athlete From Maryland Accepts Scholarship, Challenge" Deaf Athlete From Maryland Accepts Scholarship, Challenge By Josh Barr Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, February 5, 2009; A01 As a star running back and linebacker for the Maryland School for the Deaf, Ryan Bonheyo did not have to worry about hearing his...
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    A process for how Americans can be Mexican citizens....

    A friend sent me this: Center For Security Policy Mexico's Glass House Every country has the right to restrict the quality and quantity of foreign immigrants entering or living within its borders. If American policymakers are looking for legal models on which to base new laws...
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    Timothy F. Medina, 1946 – 2008

    from DeafTimes :: Article Timothy F. Medina 1946 – 2008 “Success is a Journey, Not a Destination” Timothy Fermin Medina, son of Lucy Medina and the late Adolph C. Medina died on December 24, 2008 in Springfield, Ohio. Mr. Medina was born in Raton, New Mexico on June 5, 1946 as the oldest of...
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    Evelyn Glennie "Playing From the Heart"

    Did anyone saw this play in MD? Evelyn Glennie Washington Times - THEATER: Hearing music that stirs the 'Heart' Friday, November 7, 2008 THEATER: Hearing music that stirs the 'Heart' To the hearing world, a deaf musician may seem a contradiction in terms, but the inspiring and...
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    Primer on Disability Benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

    from a CRS report Order Code RL32279 Primer on Disability Benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Updated January 8, 2008 Analyst in Disability Policy Domestic Social Policy Division Primer on Disability Benefits: Social Security...