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  1. anlos09

    you guys probably already seen this but

    i just saw it last night, so funny!! The Challenge (ASL) - YouTube
  2. anlos09

    I know its a little early

    the twins are only a month and a week old, but i got the baby signing stuff. I want them to start signing as soon as possible.
  3. anlos09

    jayden and kaleb are born

    had my twins a few weeks early, but they're healthy! havent been able to talk to husband yet so he doesnt know. thank God my mom flew in to help me. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. anlos09

    Help from mothers

    Im 28 weeks pregnant with twins, we finally saw yesterday that they are boys, yay. buuuut, my back is killing me horribly, NOTHING helps, i cant walk, stand, sit, lay down. i cant wait to pop these suckers out, in the mean time.. HELP, what will make this better???
  5. anlos09

    quick question

    when you're signing numbers 1-5, does palm face in or out?
  6. anlos09

    dont know what to do with stupid comments

    My husband is in the Navy, i was wearing a Navy wife sweater the other day and a woman comes up to me asking about it, and i told her my husband is deployed, and she said.. "omg my husband went to california for 2 days i totally know what youre going through." Really? you do you dumb shit...
  7. anlos09

    Question about SEE/ASL

    maybe this has been asked before but here it goes. Im pretty sure the majority of hearing people that knows sign its actually SEE instead of ASL. And I have met a few deaf that only knows SEE So my question is, if your primary is ASL and you're signing with a person that signs SEE is there...
  8. anlos09

    Hello! Im new to

    Alldeaf, I'm 23, in WPB, FL.. I'm hearing but I think ASL is a beautiful language. I'm struggling to find a university that offer deaf studies, but i will be a teacher for deaf kids. Another thing I'm struggling to find, is deaf communities here in WPB. I want to get involved in deaf community...