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  1. CatoCooper13

    Long time....

    It's been some years since I last was on AllDeaf, now just finally came back here and finding oyt about the app and so much has changed! Well, I'm from Santa Rosa, California. I was born deaf, as did my younger sister. I have a 7 years old son. I have a lot to catch up on here. Sent from my...
  2. CatoCooper13

    Bones and 4400?

    Has anyone seen those two tv shows? I watched Bones and was immediately hooked to it. I also tried watching 4400, but the acting platform is the same as Bones is based on. But, oh …yes! The 100 is a good tv show as well. Anyone? Sent from my LG-D851 using AllDeaf App mobile app
  3. CatoCooper13

    Mythbusters anyone?

    Hey all - just wondered if anyone on here watches 'Mythbusters' - a tv show on Discovery and on SpikeTV about 2 blokes who loves to bust or confirm myths of any kinds. Here's the linkie - check it out... MythBusters
  4. CatoCooper13

    Sidekick/PDA snapshots

    This thread's for photos taken by Sidekicks and any other types of phones/PDAs that do have built in cameras. :D Here's one of Pepper, my man's darling cat. :)
  5. CatoCooper13

    Happy Birthday Lasza!

    :birthday: to you, Lasza! :D
  6. CatoCooper13

    This is shockingly funny...and strange.

    Cattle farmers blow up over fart tax 17:10 AEST Sun Sep 5 2004 An ill-wind has blown through the federal election campaign. The Cattle Council of Australia demanded reassurance from Labor that it would not introduce a so-called fart tax. The fart tax, known in more polite circles as an...
  7. CatoCooper13

    Twist n Shout!

    This is hilarious and a wee bit gross! :D
  8. CatoCooper13

    Woman eats 38 lobsters in 12 minutes!!!!!

    August 24, 2004 THE United States' top speed-eater has wolfed down 38 lobsters in 12 minutes to win the World Lobster Eating Contest. Sonya Thomas, of Alexandria, Virginia, won $US500 ($690) and a trophy belt for her efforts, consuming 4.39 kg of lobster meat. Each contestant had a...
  9. CatoCooper13

    Catfish eats dog

    From correspondents in Berlin August 29, 2004 A GIANT catfish is suspected of having eaten a dog in a German lake near the Polish border. The estimated 1.5m catfish has been making waves in the small lake near Gueldendorf for several years, according to the Berliner Kurier newspaper...
  10. CatoCooper13

    The Army is better than working on the Farm....

    Dear Mum & Dad, I am well. Hope you are. Tell big brothers Doug and Phil that the Army is better than working on the farm - tell them to get into the Army quick before the jobs are all gone. I was a bit slow in settling down at first, because you don't get outta bed until 6am. I like...
  11. CatoCooper13

    Sports distance conversion

    Hey - this is a great site for those who don't know the metric system from the US mileage system. ;) For example: Men's 10,000m walk competition. 10,000 metres is 6.2 miles. Here's the link to Online distance Conversion :cheers:
  12. CatoCooper13

    The 2004 Athens Games -- who's watching?

    Hey y'all -- been wondering how many of you are watching the Games and which sports? I've been watching a lot of the swimming events...gymnastics (both male and female), sychronised diving, basketball, softball, soccer...Equesterian competition, field hockey, shooting trap... Mainly it's...
  13. CatoCooper13


    A guy out on the golf course takes a high speed ball right in the crotch. Writhing in agony, he falls to the ground. As soon as he could manage, he took himself to the doctor. He said "How bad is it doc?.....I'm going on my honeymoon next week and my fiance is still a virgin - in every...
  14. CatoCooper13

    Mum pleads for baby's return

    15:47 AEST Sun Aug 8 2004 The overwrought mother of three-week-old girl snatched from a Melbourne shopping centre carpark has implored the kidnappers to return her daughter. Anita Ciancio, 27, was assaulted and sprayed with capsicum spray by a man and woman just after strapping baby...
  15. CatoCooper13

    Caught in the moment (photo shots)

    Nice, hey?
  16. CatoCooper13

    Deafness cure hope (????)

    13:53 AEST Mon Aug 2 2004 A revelation that the inner ear functions like a highly sensitive underwater piano could lead to cures for hearing loss and tinnitus. Vibrating cells in the highly tuned cochlea of the inner ear produced their own sound in much the same way as a well-tuned piano...
  17. CatoCooper13

    Boy given sight by daring surgery

    05:47 AEST Tue Aug 3 2004 PAAIN - A virtually blind boy can see for the first time in his life after surgeons performed a rare operation to transplant muscle from his thigh to allow him to open his eyelids, it emerged. Dominic Head was born with a severe abnormality which meant his eyelid...
  18. CatoCooper13

    Condom Size Tester

    A guy goes into a drugstore to buy condoms. "What size?" asks the clerk. "Gee, I don't know." "Go see Sophie in aisle 4." He goes over to see Sophie, who grabs him in the crotch, and yells, "Medium!" The guy is mortified! He hurries over to pay and leaves quickly. Another guy comes...
  19. CatoCooper13

    Smart blonde

    Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive, double-paned, energy efficient kind. But this week I got a call from the contractor complaining that his work had been completed a whole year ago and I had yet to pay for them. Boy oh boy, did we go around! Just because...
  20. CatoCooper13

    Dentist Accused Of Making Patients Swallow His Semen

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004 CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Former employees of a dentist claim the man made female patients unwittingly swallow his semen during visits to his office. Dr. John Hall is accused by the state dental board of violating dentistry's standard of care, engaging in immoral conduct...