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  1. Peachy Lady

    Our wedding song, "From this Moment on" by Shaina Twain

    Keith Wann interpreted the song in this video for our 5th anniversary last year. We truly loved his way of interpreting this song! At our wedding, I signed that song to my husband. We are more in love today than the day we married:) YouTube - Keith Wann: From this Moment on - ASL version for...
  2. Peachy Lady

    Which brand shampoo worked the best for teenager's oily hair?

    I have a 12 yr old daughter that has very oily hair. Nothing seemed to help so far. Please let me know what shampoo has your teenager been using that helped remove the oil out of scalp and hair. Thanks so much:)
  3. Peachy Lady

    Need your help in suggesting name of deaf culture book

    My deaf friend has problem trying to explain to her inlaws about deaf culture. They thought that there's no such thing as "deaf culture" and thought it was ridiculous. They don't understand why she watches tv at their house or doesn't enjoy being with them since they do not sign. She dreads...
  4. Peachy Lady

    Happy birthday to you, my wonderful husband Toolsman!!

    Happy birthday to youuuuu, my wonderful husband Dave aka Toolsman!!! I always will love you for the rest of my're the bestest husband I've ever had. You've treated me like a queen since the day we first met and I feel so fortunate to be your wife. Looking forward to spending the...
  5. Peachy Lady

    Former President Ford died

    I just read this now...just to let you know that he had passed away. Former President Ford dead at 93 - Yahoo! News
  6. Peachy Lady

    Here is our................................

    new postwhore queen, EagleCherokee63!!!! She posted 1,000 posts!! Whoo Whoo!!!!!:bowdown: :bowdown:
  7. Peachy Lady

    Hey hey!! It's EagleCherokee63's birthday today!!!

    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu, my dear friend Laura!! Your wonderful husband is taking you out to eat tonight so I'm sure he treats you with lots of loving attention! Enjoy your birthday!! :ily:
  8. Peachy Lady

    My puppy kept running out thru front door!

    My 8 months old puppy runs sooo fast that as soon as anyone starts to open front door, Cody dashed right thru the door and would run past houses. One time my husband found him a few blocks away. Cody is black dashound/rat terrier mix so his hind legs are very strong and can ran fast. Has...
  9. Peachy Lady

    What happened to Cheri??????????????

    Gotta make u look in here, Cheri! :whistle: It's your birthday, Cheri on June 13th!!!! I want to make a thread to wish you a very, very happpppy birthday. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to our dear CHERI!! Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu And many...
  10. Peachy Lady

    AIMs chat conversation room on sk2

    For sk2 pager users, how do you set up invitation and get into aims chat conversation room? I know how on my computer aims, but not on my sk2.
  11. Peachy Lady

    The Top 15 Skylines in the World

    I thought some of them looked beautiful, but know there's so many people living there. Here it is.... The Top 15 Skylines in the World
  12. Peachy Lady

    :Hands wave: AllDeaf!

    This is my favorite website that I visit many times everyday because it has sooo many interesting topics. I became friend with quite a few ADers, and some became one of my closest friends. I'm glad I told Angel, Cheri, and Roadrunner about AD because they have since contributed so much in AD...
  13. Peachy Lady

    Every Tuesday weigh-in support

    I thought it would be great idea for ADers that needs support to lose weight to report their weigh loss/gain every Tuesday. You don't need to put down how much you weigh. I started on Jan. 2nd and yesterday on Tuesday I lost 3.5 lbs, totalling 11.5 lbs lost.
  14. Peachy Lady

    Let's welcome my husband, Dave the "Toolsman!"

    My husband Dave has joined AD recently and everyone, let's welcome him to AD!
  15. Peachy Lady

    Finally...I got there!!!

    Finally...I got to 1000th post. I've been here for over two and a half years. I post now and then due to my busy life as wife and mom, but I've never stopped reading AD every day when I'm near computer. I'm not a post whore, but a post turtle! LOL I want to dedicate this thread to my...
  16. Peachy Lady

    Men Are Just Happier People

    Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? (To all men): Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a...
  17. Peachy Lady

    You Are Love

    This will take a few minutes to watch video, but it absolutely is beautiful and is worth your time!
  18. Peachy Lady

    Fun eggs game!

    I enjoyed playing it and thought I'd share it with
  19. Peachy Lady

    Ask Peachy Lady questions

    I thought I'd make up a new thread where ADers cud ask me questions as I've been here for quite awhile, but hadn't posted a lot every day. I will try my best to answer your questions, but can't promise to answer every questions. Go ahead and ask!
  20. Peachy Lady

    Happy birthday to our own Surfer, AJ!!!

    Happy, happy, happy birthday to you, AJ!!! I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday before anyone else does. Your birthday is tomorrow on Sunday! :hug: