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  1. Justin Sane

    Homophobia / Gay as Choice

    Its funny that gay culture created a nickname "homophobic" to degrade people who are aganist the idea of homosexuality. How mature for you guys to do name-calling to people who expresses their opinion. -edit this post is not intended to bash other people, I am just telling you what I see.
  2. Justin Sane

    Ford Lightning Truck Versus Corvette Z06.
  3. Justin Sane

    Jordan, AKA (PSO or SyrOrange) he said that you all are his audience. That dude never shut up.
  4. Justin Sane

    WhatICantHearU looks like daniel stern.

    look at his avatar.
  5. Justin Sane

    ATTN. Whodatshroom.

    you should put this in your signature. :mrgreen:
  6. Justin Sane

    Its girl!

    Yesterday at 12:26, my little girl was borned. 7 lbs, 12 oz and 21" long Doctor said it was one healthy baby! I will post some picture tonight, I was just letting few of you guys know.
  7. Justin Sane

    is it true that sexyvenusgirl is

    rose park? I want her signature. :o
  8. Justin Sane

    DeafDot is surely one of the best deaf cartoonist.

    Keep it up! :thumb: