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  1. PowerON

    #ios10 With Built-in Tty Under Phone App

    Update iOS 10 for iPhone, you get to see actual TTY software under Phone app. Just add relay service (711), you're able to call anywhere, if you prefer TRS than rather videophone. It's available only for US. Germany, Canada and Australia tried and none is work during different baud, I believe...
  2. PowerON

    Signing Glove Into Text/voice [comic] I create the comic to respond to the article that been introduce the technology to use with glove and sign in slow. I felt, it will not work out during mistook on similar sign motion.
  3. PowerON

    How To Search Cc On Youtube App

    Use filter search to narrowing video with closed caption. Example showed on iOS, for Android - it do the pretty same thing.
  4. PowerON

    Caitlyn Jenner could face a manslaughter charge

    So, it sounds to me after the incident, he decide to change to woman to mess with the justice system to send to which jail? I see what he did in there. Of course, I'm just assume because he makes thing look bad as it sound like....
  5. PowerON

    Deaf problem with cashier [comic]

  6. PowerON

    Same-sex marriage message on Mansfield church marquee vandalized

    There are always ugly each other. Both need stop act like children.
  7. PowerON

    Country without debt

    What would happen to US? Tell me what do you believe what would happen to US or your country.
  8. PowerON

    Restaurant see profits triple after ditch tipping

    “You cannot tell me that your business model relies on paying people below the poverty line,” he said. “You gotta have more pride in your business than that.”
  9. PowerON

    Canadian Spy Bill C-51 passed

    What is Bill C-51? Canadian patriot act. Allows mass surveillance, free sharing of private information (including with foreign governments), gives our spy agency the power to do more than just watch and listen, and lets them ask for warrants to violate the charter of rights and freedoms in the...
  10. PowerON

    FIFA president resign

    You're welcome Sincerely, America
  11. PowerON

    One of worst robber ever
  12. PowerON

    Quebec girl told to stop reading book by school bus driver

    School Bus driver said reading book while riding is dangerous. Really?!? :laugh2: Source Her father - "I find it stupid and useless". :laugh2:
  13. PowerON

    Men wrote the history

    Do you believe men wrote the history of everything include World War I, World War II, man on moon, Resolution Wars, Columbus found America, Rome Empire anywhere and much more.... Do you really believe or make choice to believe from the book it been record that been told? The reason I...
  14. PowerON

    College Football playoff 2014

    I find it ridiculous that SEC (Tides & Bulldogs) would be in playoff. What are they think? Have they forget about worst rating on LSU vs Alabama in BCS? I can understand that Marshall is undefeated and didn't get in playoff because of lacking opponent teams. I can't argue that one. My...
  15. PowerON

    Got son? Read before you decide...

    The page presents information that most parents are not aware of at the time they make the circumcision decision. Doctors usually do not provide this information.
  16. PowerON

    Increase hobo move from TX to CO because of marijuana

    Good! More hobo-free here. :lol:
  17. PowerON

    Fight for Marijuana community in wrong way

    Charlo Greene, a reporter for Anchorage, AK just quit by saying beeping on air. Discuss on how it...
  18. PowerON

    Scotland Independence: Vote too close

    From what understand in economy, 2 top income: oil and whiskey. These are from Scotland. Remind me, I need to buy whisky... 8 questions about Scottish independence you were too embarrassed to ask - Vox
  19. PowerON

    FL man shoots robber after 911 transfer him to voicemail

    Another reason to have legal gun owner...