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  1. Saavik

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    Embarassed, nope, frustrated with people getting angry with me because I can't hear them well, yeah.
  2. Saavik

    Where is everyone from?

    Las Vegas, NV
  3. Saavik

    Post your gas prices Part II

    $2.35 @ Circle K in SW Virginia
  4. Saavik

    One for the resident cat ladies ...

    Some Pictures of my cat, Martok.
  5. Saavik

    Sound boosting programs for windows?

    I've been away from this site a long time, but I stopped using my surround sound system for a logitech G430 headset on my PC, but I need a way to boost it free, the logitech software kills off the loudness equalization approach.
  6. Saavik

    What's Your Dinner Tonight -- Part II

    Potatoes and more potatoes..
  7. Saavik

    Who live Southern California

    I live near by in Las Vegas, NV if that counts.
  8. Saavik

    Ear molds

    I went in for a new pair of HAs, and they apparently have an option for a universal fit ear piece thingy. I still chose a molded ear piece. I had them on my old RAs and I have fallen asleep after a long day on occasion with molds in.
  9. Saavik

    Long time and finally back

    Thanks all, I'll try not to go off for years again. Lol
  10. Saavik

    Unitron moxi fit 600

    I haven't been able to find much on this comany or brand, does anyone use these hearing aids as well? Is the brand quality? I'm getting these as my new hearing aids and I just wanted some reviews or something, you know?
  11. Saavik

    Long time and finally back

    I know I'm not new, but I've been gone for so long I feel nobody must remember me, so here I am to say hello, and I'm well.
  12. Saavik

    Show Us Your Car(s)

    My car right now is still running on the same tank, finally got it down to 1/2 tank and the trip odometer is at over 400 miles. I switched from State Farm back to Progressive and have state minimum insurance until I can afford more coverage, but I'm now paying 108% less for insurance than I did...
  13. Saavik

    Show Us Your Car(s)

    Thanks, it's a little underpowered up here in the mountains, but it still got me 65.5 MPG on my 3 hour drive south. I drove around playing Ingress in town and hit a HUGE hill so my MPG dropped a bit and it was raining during all the driving I did. I left on a tad over 1/2 tank and my trip...
  14. Saavik

    Show Us Your Car(s)

    Sold the Mustang, I had a good run with it for the past 6 or so years, but the maintenance and operational costs far exceeded what I could afford. As of yesterday, I'm the 2nd owner of a 2000 Honda Insight and it's in the rare colour of Citrus yellow. Enjoy!
  15. Saavik

    What are you doing right now?

    Not feeling too bad, my classes aren't hard, they just make me feel overwhelmed. I was feeling really sad and anxious yesterday after I traded/ sold the Mustang for a 2000 Honda Insight, but I do love my new car, it's quite a great little car and I was getting over 62 MPG on I-81 in Virginia at...
  16. Saavik

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    From what I was told, yes. All lenses must be amber and the bike must have 4 signals or none, so I just removed the signals for the inspection, but now I'm being told my windscreen is too dark to pass. I'm on a ninja, if I'm laying on my tank and looking through the windscreen, I'm going to...
  17. Saavik

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    Virginia motorcycle inspection is asinine and entirely arbitrary. First place I tried to get my inspection done, I was told it wouldn't pass because it had clear lenses on the front signals that the previous owner put on it, so according to Virginia law, I have to have 4 amber lens turn signals...
  18. Saavik

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    Just thinking how people you care for never seem to want to keep in touch ever. It also seems to be an axiom that everybody you ever love will eventually just reject you or die. Just laying here for hours unable to sleep, so I'm thinking.
  19. Saavik

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    I'm letting my counselor know when I see him later today about things I've been thinking about and one of them was taking all 26 remaining zoloft at once. I'm done being the 'fighter' everyone says I am here, I'm a failure, half deaf cripple with no hope left in the world for a future. I hate...
  20. Saavik

    What are you thinking about Part VII

    I hate pets and every attempt to befriend people just fails badly.