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    welcome me back

    sorry i havnet been on here since i was sooooooo busy so ... welcome me back .. thanks huggs love ya ll
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    hey which u will go ?

    huh which u will go ?
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    what is ur best pic of baby of u ?

    my best pic baby is
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    hello !!

    :kiss: ... hello i am new... i am 19 and ofc i am a female .. hehe and graduated indiana school for the deaf... i like to be a nurse someday... wish me good luck hehe ... thanks
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    i am all new!!!! remma i am all rookie for now

    i am all new and i got it from friend so .... i am a idiot for now.. later i wont be a idiot girl hehe.. anyway i notice some of else i cant thread or post some of those i can.. why is that ??? how i can make that i can thread or post or reply in allllllll diff kinda of threads??