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  1. MilitaryGirl83

    Does HTC Hero has strong and good virbation?

    If anyone have HTC Hero.. tell me if it has strong virbation and it is great? Please let me know soon! :wave:
  2. MilitaryGirl83

    What's with the judgements against people including myself having an CI or two?

    I believe it is a personal choice for a person to have an CI based on how they were raised and what reasons. As for myself, I grew up in hearing family and I had wore hearing aid my whole life. My parents gave me the best tools in my life which would be oral and sign language. Most of my life, I...
  3. MilitaryGirl83

    Update with me on my 2nd CI since the surgery!

    The CI surgery went well and I had a long road to recovery but now everything looks good and I had my CI activated this morning. When it was turned on and we had some adjustments to the mapping.. I heard people talking but not specific words but background noise is still static. The...
  4. MilitaryGirl83

    Torn between HTC Hero and Blackberry Curve 8530...what to do now?

    I am leaving from Verizon and switching to Sprint since my fiancee' has been with Sprint for 8 years with no problems at all. I was all excited to get Blackberry Curve 8530 until I realized that I will miss touchscreen..been hearing great things about HTC Hero. Right now I have LG Voyageur which...
  5. MilitaryGirl83

    Rumors about IPHONE 4G????

    I heard that AT&T will end contract with IPHONE this year and it will be on all carriers? I also heard IPHONE will have 4G with 4th generation on it? I am confused so let's talk about it!
  6. MilitaryGirl83

    What laptops/netbooks do you have and how many GB?

    I have Toshiba 15 inches Laptop that has Windows 7 included and it has 3 GB in it! What about you guys?
  7. MilitaryGirl83

    I have some questions about blackberry..

    I am going with my fiancee' with Sprint on March 1st since he has been a loyal Sprint customer for 8 years with no problems at all. I am leaving Verizon because their plan is too expensive and I am not too happy with their service plus my LG Voyager is a crappy phone now! We are getting...
  8. MilitaryGirl83

    I am home now...

    I had the CI surgery for my left went well. It was at 7:30 am in the morning. I had to be there at 6 am in the morning so my fiancee' was being there for me the whole time. I was so nervous and the nurse comforted me in the surgery room as I had the gas mask on me.. it made me feel numb...
  9. MilitaryGirl83

    2nd CI surgery on Jan 12th!!

    The surgery on my left ear will be starting around 7 am since I have to there at 6 am. I am so excited and nervous! I had my first CI on my right ear on August 2006. :) I have the Nucleus Freedom on the right ear and now I am going to have Nucleus 5 on the left ear! :) Wish me luck..send alot of...
  10. MilitaryGirl83

    StormChasers Show...

    Anyone watched it before on several seasons? The stormchasers are awesome specially Reed Timmer..he dominates the tornadoes every time..well almost! :eek3:
  11. MilitaryGirl83

    Any good webcams recommended?

    My fiancee' got me new laptop for Christmas but it doesn't have webcam built in so I need to get the best clip on webcam for it. Any recommendations and feedbacks are welcomed! :ty:
  12. MilitaryGirl83

    Anyone got blackberry curve?

    I am considering switching from lg vovyer to blackberry curve 3230 from tmobile. I played with it few times and it seemed awesome but I need BB customers who owns it to tell me what they like and dislike about it! Thank you! :wave:
  13. MilitaryGirl83

    What brand are your bilratial CIs?

    I am thinking about going biratial...which means getting a 2nd CI on my left ear. I have the 1st one implanted on my right ear and it is Nucleus Freedom. I had the surgery on August 26, 2006 and it was turned on by Oct 2nd, 2006. I love it a lot but my left hearing has declined some so...
  14. MilitaryGirl83

    Sleepy Hollow weekend

    We went to Perry Farm for Sleepy Hollow weekend with my babe Gordon and my best friend Aly. Enjoy the pics!:giggle: We are amazing! Here is Gordon, Aly and I.. Aly and I being silly on the tree My babe Gordon on the tree.. :) Gordon and Aly being goofballs...
  15. MilitaryGirl83

    Who attends college/university this year?

    And where would you want to transfer to? I go to Kankakee Community College then plan to transfer to MacMurry College. :cool:
  16. MilitaryGirl83

    Show us new pictures of you!!!

    Here is mine.. now show me yours!:cool:
  17. MilitaryGirl83

    Pros and Cons of Virgina?

    My dad is most likely moving to Williamsburg, Va so I am curious what are the Pros and Cons about it. I will be helping him move and staying with him most of the summer. And it would be easier when I get a License I can drive to see him from NY often also. :) So type away and tell me! :cool:
  18. MilitaryGirl83

    RIT Protest..

    Democrat & Chronicle: Local News
  19. MilitaryGirl83

    I am thinking about getting the Dash from Tmoblie..

    And it has more features than SK3 and have the same plan also..they have a few other plans. Here is the link.. Unsupported Browser
  20. MilitaryGirl83

    Iran found AIDS cure!,2506,L-3360816,00.html