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    Any single deaf/signer women interested in LTR/Marriage?

    I moved to near Richmond VA couple years ago and I am having heck of time finding a single Christian women between 28-38. It seems that they are hiding except for much older deaf at silent dinner/lunch. But I am willing to expand my search.. I guess here about me and what I am looking for...
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    Trouble staying signed in.

    Is anyone having problem staying signed in.. It seem that I am keep getting signed out even I didnt sign out.. I am using latest FF 3.52 with default settings.
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    P3 Software

    Is anyone experiencing black screen on your P3 software when calling out to Sorenson VP200 phone? I tested this on 2 different network plus tested using within same network. When I call from VP200 to P3, both video direction works. Just calling to VP200 from P3 only have one way video. I...
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    Viable blocked on WWAN?

    I have Viable installed on my netbook, it works fine while connected to wired/wifi connectivity. However, it doesn't work while I am on Verizon Wireless.. I want to see if anyone else here having this same issue.. P3 works while I am on Verizon wireless. Thanks!
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    Wells Fargo Keeps Hanging Up On Your Deaf Grandmother

    Consumerist - Wells Fargo Keeps Hanging Up On Your Deaf Grandmother - Banks
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    Hearing student to attend renowned school for deaf

    Source: Hearing student to attend renowned school for deaf | |
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    Calling OJO to VP200

    I just got local 10 digits number for OJO few weeks ago and it has been collecting dust for long time as I use VP200 as primary VP. It was my understanding that calling non-proxy numbers should work between any 2 VPs. I am unable to call each other with new numbers.. Only thing it works is...
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    Hitler's mad about Terrell Owens in Buffalo

    LOL! okhiJjuefPw
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    Ironing Fail!

    :Owned: In case you didn't understand why - his cell phone rang right before he picked up the Ironing. ajXT9ER7WFo
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    Data Security - Shredder

    All I can say is: Damn... yd_O7-rqcHc
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    Lawyers should never ask a Mississippi grandma!

    Lawyers should never ask a Mississippi grandma a question if they aren't prepared for the answer. In a trial, a Southern small-town prosecuting attorney called his first witness, a grandmotherly, elderly woman to the stand. He approached her and asked, 'Mrs. Jones, do you know me?' She...
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    Pen Trick FAILURE!

    :Owned: LbittLn84cY
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    UltraNerd in Paradise

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    Cool Flash Gallery

    This is cool image gallery - run on Flash.. I was wondering what software they used to create this rolling images. This would be cool for one of website I am working on. THE SHIELD Official Website - Only on FX
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    Microwaving a White Giant Electra Bulb is a Real BLAST

    Freaking awesome.. Better than regular light bulb in microwave.. iK4Vj2YXHU0
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    World’s Most Disgusting Apartment Is In Houston

    Holy S**t!!!!! This is worse I ever seen!! I think they might have lost their security deposit...
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    Dell XPS-420 8GB RAM?

    I was unable to access all evening.. Is anyone having this same problem or is it just me??? I am trying to find out if my Dell XPS-420 can be upgraded from 4GB to 8GB (I am running Vista Ultimate 64bit).. Too many websites giving me conflicting information, some said max is...
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    How come he gets horsies?

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    Take that nuts out of your mouth!

    Flickr Photo Download: Oh Noes!
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    Better than your average erection company

    Better than your average erection company In case you’re wondering – and I imagine you are – this construction company answers the phone simply by saying “Superior.” (Location: Ohio)