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  1. Babyblue

    To Reba and other terps.

    Wirelessly posted Happy Interpreter Appreciation Day!! I want to thank all the interpreters that have helped me throughout my school years and for appointments.
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    Magic pill to prevent hearing loss?

    Wirelessly posted
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    Thyroids (High TSH)

    Wirelessly posted Anyone on here have Thyroid issues? I recently been found to have elevated TSH but normal T3 and T4. Doc sent me to get an Ultrasound and found something abnormal on my left thyroid. Now I am being refered to Shands to an Endocrinologist. I am a little worried. They do...
  4. Babyblue

    Deaf community lost a great friend and leader.

    Wirelessly posted Will miss you old friend. RIP Mark.
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    Deaf will be able to text 911 in Canada

    Deaf, hard of hearing callers will be able to text message 911
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    FSDB Claims calls emergency meeting

    St. Augustine school calls emergency meeting | News - Home
  7. Babyblue

    FSDB won't get eminent domain

    FSDB won't get eminent domain | News - Home
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    18 Year Old Mom Shoots Intruder While On Phone With 911

    911 Tells Mom 'Do What You Have To Do': Okla. Mom Sarah McKinley Kills Intruder Justin Martin She did what she had to do.
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    What Is Your Most Memorial Moment In 2011?

    The New Year is fast approaching. What is your memorial moment of 2011? It can be anything that may have impacted your life. Mine was graduating college, and passing the Board of Pharmacy Exam. :D I was so excited when I found out I passed. Getting that Certificate in the mail stating...
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    Powerful Video by Ben Breedlove

    Texas Teen Ben Breedlove Posted Powerful Videos Before Christmas Death - ABC News I watched this video and all I can say is WOW, that is one courageous kid. RIP Ben.
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    Another one of those drug test, before you get benifits thread.

    Congressman wants unemployed drug screened | Georgia News - Home How do they identify the ones as having a high probability of drug use?? :roll:
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    Black student defends his Confederate Flag

    Black Student Byron Thomas Defends his Confederate Flag |
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    Kentucky Jelly

    I was performing rounds at the hospital one morning and while checking up on a man I asked . . .' So how's your breakfast this morning?' It's very good except for the Kentucky Jelly. I can't seem to get used to the taste. Bob replied. I then asked to see the jelly and Bob produced A foil...
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    It is confirmed....

    A while back I created a thread about night blindness. I have been struggling since with some of the responses and basically avoided making an appointment. Today, I went to the ophthalmologist. After two hours of testing, she confirmed that I have retinitis pigmentosa. She said with me...
  15. Babyblue

    Cat Scan with dye contrast.

    I am scheduled for a Cat Scan tomorrow.. I will be injected with a dye to help them view the demons in my head better. :P I have never had this done before or a dye injected in me. Have anyone experienced it? What should I expect?
  16. Babyblue

    Hey you, Yes you, OCEANBREEZE

    :birthday: Oceanbreeze!! Hope your Birthday was an awesome one!!
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    Deaf Truck Drivers

    Deaf Truck Drivers Urged To Apply For CDL A And B Exemptions | National Association of the Deaf I have a friend that is currently driving a truck and is Deaf. :) WTG!!!
  18. Babyblue

    Google Map

    I saw this on FB a while back. It is funny. ‎1. Go to Google maps 2. Type in "China" as your starting point 3. Type in "Taiwan" as your destination 4. Click directions 5. Go to Number 48 :rofl:
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    Chick Beer Awesome, I browsed around this site and I would love to try it. It is not yet in stores in Florida. Anyone tried it yet??
  20. Babyblue

    Boy or Girl? Simple Gender-Detection Test Raises Ethical Questions

    Boy or Girl? Simple Gender-Detection Test Raises Ethical Questions | Click the link and read the whole article. I think it has its benifits but also has a risk of gender selection. Meaning a person will abort til they get the gender they want.