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  1. MattyinAus

    I'm boring

    Yep prove that. I don't have a bad attitude. Every time I'm happy I easily get a bad result from everything because everything in my life is way overestimated. So if I underestimate my life, I wouldn't be at uni at all. How surprised I am, nearly finished on 4 year degree and even going to US by...
  2. MattyinAus

    About Australia!

    Hey all. This thread is all about Australian culture, lifestyle, geography, flora and fauna and many more! Lets start with this cute tiny wallaby that I took this arvo (Aussie word for afternoon!).
  3. MattyinAus

    How you feel about this?

    I'm very happy person. But what gets me too much is: 1. Australia is too expensive! Carbon tax and GST is too high. Low demand in resources hurt my savings for USA. Flight tickets to Canberra from Townsville is extremely higher than my tickets to USA and within the country. I'm saving...
  4. MattyinAus

    So many beautiful people!

    On this site! Oh my! Its so sad seeing beautiful people have trouble with relationship of someone. Its so stupid for the society to let this! I am so beautiful......and so you! I'm glad that I am going to USA soon so beautiful! I probably bump on her at the corner store in Park City and go...
  5. MattyinAus

    Facebook issues

    Hey. I seem sometimes having trouble using Facebook. I am forced to keep it because it stay in contact with my family and distance friends who I met a while ago. So Facebook, its quite overrated these days. If without it, I would never ever have any interrelationship with a person for short...
  6. MattyinAus

    I'm going to USA!

    Finally the longest week ever in my life came to end this morning with beautiful email which gave me a ski job offer at Park City Mountain Resort for this upcoming bumper snow season! I am getting 12month visa sometime next two months before flying out at end of November when I finish my uni...
  7. MattyinAus

    Stop the mockery please!?

    Un-bel-iev-eable! I saw this advertisement earlier today at the food court noticeboard on campus is quite offensive to aspies and autism people. Its really shocking as public display. Its not funny at all. Its severely stupid and offensive. I quickly grab this off the noticeboard as...
  8. MattyinAus

    Fire alarms

    Hey. It woke me up this morning without being freaked out like a shake-a-wake alarms or even a radio clock! It is first time I woken up by a fire alarm at college for four years! This is my last semester and never happened before this. It was 9am this morning. My left ear is moderate profound...
  9. MattyinAus

    Funny videos thread

    Hey guys! Firstly I created a funny video about being an aspie! Here it comes! Including closed subtitles! Funny aspie jokes! - YouTube
  10. MattyinAus

    Are you blaming Asperger's?

    Who knows? I know it does silly for me to recollect my YouTube video again to make one better one. Its only 20mb download and 14minutes worth of your educational time. Are you blaming Asperger's Syndrome? - YouTube
  11. MattyinAus

    Deaf and skinny dipping

    I know this sounds pretty funny. Have anyone take their birthday suits on here? I fear that my first time doing it in near future would be tad awkward without wearing hearing aids on to figure out what is happening! You can't hear but you can see. It still a big difference to I can hear and see...
  12. MattyinAus

    My article on ABC website

    They interviewed me last week about my life with aspergers and hearing loss. Here an article and interview about me. Using Youtube to demystify Asperger's - ABC North Coast NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation Enjoy, also there my youtube views on it.
  13. MattyinAus

    Matt's fitness corner

    Hello all. I want to introduce you my bulk muscles. I am now at 74.7kg (was 64.8kg this time last year). I go to gym and take course running every single week. I eat lots of fresh apples, bananas, carrots, spinach, salad everyday. I also eat some bulk meat as well. Other than that I take...
  14. MattyinAus

    Are my signs right?

    I only sign in British. This is my first language since I was a baby, then I started speaking English language. English Sign language basics greeting - YouTube English Sign language alphabetical order - YouTube This deaf girl from my primary school saw both of the videos and she...
  15. MattyinAus

    Whats going on....please take me back...

    What is going on....please take me back...don't ruin it for me - YouTube
  16. MattyinAus

    True love video by me.

    True love - YouTube This is true story. I made up all the quotes and stuff. If you don't understand this. Ask me away! Enjoy :)
  17. MattyinAus

    Lack of interaction with women

    Hey all. I am not fully deaf. Just moderate to severe profound hearing impaired. Also mild autism. Nothing that is bad for my case. However I am having trouble interacting with young women in general, especially at uni and around. I have been through uni 4 years already (finishing off this...
  18. MattyinAus

    Implants: Bad thing?

    Gidday everyone. I still wear hearing aids. However, just wondering what limitations of wearing the implants? Does it stop from you to do anything as you used to do before that being installed?
  19. MattyinAus

    AussieMatty Adventures

    Gidday everyone! Just so excited to share my YouTube videos to you all forumers! Some of the videos are about my life with Aspergers, hearing loss, my storm chasing reports and of course some vblog updates. Here is my channel: SuperFireitup - YouTube Enjoy your show. Don't forget to...
  20. MattyinAus

    Greetings from Australia!

    Gidday everyone! I'm Matty, from Townsville of northern Australia. I am hearing impaired (wears hearing aids), and have mild symptoms of AS disorder. I am professional at sign language. I grew up in primary school with everyone does sign language. We do it British over here mostly. So, now...