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  1. xpixel_princessx

    Need to interview an interpreter

    I'm sorry if I upset you I wasn't trying to all I assumed since some threads were old that no one would respond I apologize for that...
  2. xpixel_princessx

    Need to interview an interpreter

    Hello my name is Linda I need to interview an interpreter for my INT 107 class if you are one please reply I only have a few questions I need to ask
  3. xpixel_princessx

    Skype or video chat?

    Hello I have skype I can try and help I need to improve mine as well
  4. xpixel_princessx

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Anyone wanting to practice ASL I am currently in an ASL 6 class but I feel like I'm in ASL 3 but its not the teacher its me I need help on vocabulary and just signing in general =\ if you have Skype let me know if you don't i will try and get another app as long as i don't got to pay
  5. xpixel_princessx

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I want to be able to do this too! Is anyone open right now? I gotta prepare for a presentation and I feel like it's not good I don't know how to start it.
  6. xpixel_princessx

    Pics of you - Part V

    I know about it tried applying but my ASL level isnt good enough yet so i'm taking some classes and hoping to transfer sorry i just got back on the site had a lot going on in the summer
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    Hello my name is syherene

    yes i do mean hello sry
  8. xpixel_princessx

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hello :D
  9. xpixel_princessx

    Pics of you - Part V

    One of the pics I found that I like lol
  10. xpixel_princessx

    Hello :D

    I play Zelda most of the time lol You need to finish Super Mario World!! lol such a good game :D
  11. xpixel_princessx

    Hello :D

    that's awesome I am currently watching Full Metal Alchemist game wise I am playing smash on my 3ds i restarted pokemon red and i'm hoping to play super mario world soon i need to find the cord to my snes lol
  12. xpixel_princessx

    Hello :D

    Hi my name is Linda :D hello fellow nerd :) what kind of anime and games do you watch and play?
  13. xpixel_princessx

    Looking to chat with people :)

    my skype is kitty.cat2121 just put in the info when you add me that you are from all deaf so I know you arent some creeper lol
  14. xpixel_princessx


    i took up to asl 2 and i'm still trying to practice more i have trouble with making sentences but know a decent amount of signs i'm trying to go back to college. I'm practicing a lot more to make up the time i lost from not practicing
  15. xpixel_princessx

    Funny Cat videos this one is probably better
  16. xpixel_princessx

    Funny Cat videos

    I know I was shocked at the end but thought he looked very cute in the hat
  17. xpixel_princessx

    Funny Cat videos Kitty with tiny hat :3 the ending isn't really funny but seeing the kitten with the hat is sooo cute x3