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    Learning from Deaf or ASL class does it matter?

    Thanks! So I will use who ever he suggest in the future and not someone from a Google search. I hate to always ask him a million questions. It must be annoying and would hate for his patience to end with me. Again thanks for all the advice. :)
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    Learning from Deaf or ASL class does it matter?

    Sorry ,they asked me about his language because I hired them directly and handled all the arrangements. I thought it was the right thing to do since I invited him. In the past we have one for me. Wrong?
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    Learning from Deaf or ASL class does it matter?

    Granny t- thanks for the information. As you can tell I am new to Deaf culture and community. So I am looking for all the answers. I would like to take a class,but then the only classes available so far would be for interpreting, and they are far and few inbetween. I will dig around some more. I...
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    Learning from Deaf or ASL class does it matter?

    Very interesting fact about the animals. I know my friend's dog understands sign. It would make sense that other animals would . Thanks for the reply
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    Is Anyone Presently Studying ASL online at

    I use lifeprint . I love the fingerspelling quizzes. I also use aslpro,signsavy and YouTube.
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Sitting in library and I can't stop laughing. Yes, when us hearing people are that stupid feel free to tease, humiliate and mock. I hate when people yell louder at my client. I just want to smack them.
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    thanks for the tip. I say it all the time thinking I don't want to be a pain.
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    Learning from Deaf or ASL class does it matter?

    Hi, I am currently learning to sign from a person I met at a restaurant. He saw me struggling with my sign ,(with a client that I work with)up until I met him I was learning from the internet and books. I would think the books and internet would be the bad way to go. In the 7 short months...
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    Deaf Educational System?....

    (Let's Be Friends Smile!DEAF EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM please pardon my intrusion, but I am DEAF-MUTE trying to earn a decent living. Would you help me by buying one of these cards.PAY WHATEVER YOU WISH....THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.THANK YOU OVER.The other side of the paper had the Alphabet...
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    Come To My Tinychat Room, Only If You Are Serious At Learning ASL

    I suck at signing but would love to join in, since I want to be fluent. If you and your friends don't mind. I will bookmark the site and try to pop in when I can.
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    Hearing people who are attracted to deaf people

    That is creepy I never thought of hearing aid fetish or deaf people as a fetish. Being deaf doesn't make a person an object. It's normal to be curious and want to learn it's another to be a first class a$$. YIKES good luck and stay away from the creeps if you can. It kinda sounds...
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Yes Please Hi, I live in PA. I am hearing, I would love to have someone to practice ASL with as well. I have lots of jobs so I need to schedule times and I do have skype. Let me know if anyone is interested in practicing with me. I am not using a book , nor taking a formal class. Just...
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    Old girl, looking to learn new tricks :)

    Hi, I am new to all deaf. I am hearing and trying to learn sign language. I have been fortunate to meet 1 person who will help me learn, but I need lots of help. I think I must frustrate him a lot. I would love to meet him and surprise him with a smooth flowing conversation. JUST 1 TIME...