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  1. Simown
    03-02-2010 03:16 PM - permalink
    I have drunk so much water I think I might need to sleep in the bathroom

    If you have a great idea in the shower you can write it on the steam on the door or in the mirror of course

    I am 100% positive they will hire me. I could bring a Vimto offering for them, I would definitely get the job then

    Aw, no! Ok, save me some and I will look forward to it when I feel better Make sure happyland is very happy, and don't lose more than 2 pounds! Or I'll be angry
  2. Simown
    03-02-2010 09:57 AM - permalink
    Ok! Get learning to cook, I am really hungry but you won't let me eat today

    Why would you need a notepad in the shower? To draw diagrams or something? That's a bit strange.

    I don't think I even need to apply. They will like me so much I will get the supervisors or even the managers job

    Original is the best, and a big bottle! I am sooo jealous. Can I have a little bit? I am sure it will speed up my recovery
  3. Simown
    03-01-2010 12:56 PM - permalink
    I won't do it ever

    You can cook me Peru food when you come over, that way I don't have to cook

    Maybe bring a notepad and pen into the pool? Not quite sure how they would not get very wet? I'll have to investigate that

    I will come be the best supervisor ever! And kick anyone you don't like. That's a supervisors job!

    I forgot to ask what sort of Vimto. You can get fizzy Vimto, cherry Vimto, vimto juice, lots! I think it's amazing anyway
  4. Simown
    02-28-2010 06:11 PM - permalink
    I don't want to get up early all the time It's painful! Don't make meeeeeeeee!

    I don't want funny tasting food! I will stick with English food for now, ok?

    Feet-fingerspelling all the way I'm sure it will work out just fine

    I mean get a new book but cheap, that way I win both

    Don't hack it ever! Naughty!

    Supervisiors are rubbish. I will come and be your new supervisor and let you have the day off so we can go to a cafe! Hurray. Hearing shouldn't be part of any job. If you don't know what they say then it's their loss
  5. Simown
    02-28-2010 02:35 AM - permalink
    haha, I like the way you have "Check the resident AD artist" in massive letters
  6. Simown
    02-28-2010 02:24 AM - permalink
    Amazingly, I went to bed early (well 12) and got up now it's like 8.20! That's amazing for me!! I won't make a habit of it

    I think you can definitely be sure of that

    Hmm I don't mind spicy food, I don't love it. I prefer non spicy food and English food is never spicy, I am an amazing chef, I should be famous for it

    Yay, Feet BSL, sounds like a plan.

    I had it ages ago and read it and then lost it Probably can pick it up pretty cheap somewhere

    Oi! Stop hacking my account. It makes me cry

    Hope "Happyland" was very happy as usual?

    Speak to you later!
  7. Simown
    02-27-2010 01:33 PM - permalink
    You tell everybody then and I'll be happy

    I don't love curry, I quite like it though. English food is way better and I can cook quite well! I cook most weekdays when my Dad is working. Ok, you cook something Peruvian, I will get inviting my Mom.

    Maybe do BSL with your feet or something so you can swim instead? Or just resort to lipreading (which I am very very very bad at ) might be fun trying to have a conversation

    Stephen Fry books! He does a lot of TV shows too so you can just watch him if you can't read him. I need to get his autobiography again, I lost it somewhere

    I am ashamed I only sent one message, I will try harder
  8. Simown
    02-26-2010 01:43 PM - permalink
    I won't fail. I am just the best!

    I quite like the name "PeSi" now Don't tell anyone!! Peter the Guard is fine too

    Aw, I missed you too! I don't know what I'm going to do tonight without my artistic inspiration I ate some soup and some type of curry which was waaay to spicy at a Thai resteraunt, and ice cream after Yum. If you are going out with dinner with my Mom, I am coming too so you can't say mean stuff about me

    I sure there is a way to swim using BSL but I haven't even seen or heard of it I will get searching.

    I do love Stephen Fry, and I'm proud of it. Of course he is that good! I might try and kill you for asking grrrr.

    Ok, I'll get thinking of thousands of messages for you to leave on Facebook, here, anywhere I can think of
  9. Simown
    02-25-2010 03:26 PM - permalink
    I can do that and I will

    Yes, tell me!! Being crazy is the best! (I don't have a riddiculous name for you yet, I will get thinking )

    I wish I was online today but I was out at my Mum's house all day and we went out to eat Yum yum. I hope you didn't miss me too much I wasn't drinking Vimto either, I ran out! I'll go and march outside the Vimto factory with a sign until they bring it to Peru, ok?

    I am not brilliant at swimming, I can't wear my CI while I am swimming so I go round in circles and lose my way I can teach you to do that? Actually, I'll stay on the side of the pool and get ready to throw you a rubber ring incase you are "dying"

    I love to watch anything with Stephen Fry, he is just the best

    I can't believe you finish at 4am (here) that's almost my bedtime Well I may talk to you tomorrow or just leave you thousands of messages
  10. Simown
    02-25-2010 07:40 AM - permalink
    Well, I'll have to stop you winning all the time then!

    Just sneak up behind her and read her nametag in her clothes. She might think you are a bit strange if she sees you doing it but that doesn't matter I think being crazy is the best

    Yay, online. I could do with a break from the computer really (not ) I'll talk to you when you get online ever, yes

    Save lots of Vimto for me!! I don't think I can live without it's nourishment.

    I am good at swimming though, I might have to go the long way round though to get to Peru. We'll focus on your Scholarship. You aren't allowed to go back once you get here, that's the rules

    Stephen Fry!! I think it's a bit unhealthy to like him so much. He has been in loads of movies and writes stuff too. Hurray

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