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    If you found a cure for your hearing loss, would you use it?

    Honestly. Deaf culture is a sad sad thing. If everyone could get their hearing fixed we wouldn't need Deaf Culture. Though some cant afford the expenses of somewhat correcting their disability. Keeping people deaf is like preventing someone from regaining sight, or their arm, or their leg...
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    Ada suit against my university?

    That's terrible! Since nobody is helping you I say 100% go for it. It is unfair to be treated so differently. Praying for you! <3
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    Confused & angry

    To be honest. Employers could be scared to hire a disabled person. Or maybe you do slur your words a little. But maybe they specifically wanted someone with good speech. Unless they didn't say so on anything I think you should take action you think is best to take.
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    is it illegal for a group home to steal and sell/donate a deaf person's adaptive equipment WITHOUT their permission?

    What!? That is TOTALLY not ok! I think- that if you had no need for it, or didn't want it anymore and wont miss it, let it go ig. BUT if you needed it/wanted it. You should totally take some action, whatever it is- to get a new one.
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    How Do You Wake Up For Work?

    If you have certain qualifications, you could get a hearing service dog!! if you set an alarm the pup will alert you
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    Cochlear Implant Pain That Isn't Normal..?

    Last year, I received my first cochlear implant in my left. After I had put it on I experienced intense vertigo where I couldn't even lift my head. Though the vertigo has become more tame and endurable, I am off balance and get dizzy randomly- Its been a long while since I got the implant, and...