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    potty training tips?

    I have been pottytraining my 3 year old, Kieran. He's been wearing undies for almost 3 weeks now, all I did was simply explain to him what he was supposed to do, and if he wants to wear those batman, spiderman, CARS and spongebob undies, he has to stay dry and go to the bathroom on the potty..So...
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    Mom Gives Birth to Quadruplets Three-Years after Triplets

    Wow .. that sure is a LOT of work :eek:
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    *part 2* pictures of children/child

    Yup, very proud momma :D
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    *part 2* pictures of children/child

    LisaMarie, your boys are so cute...adorable :) Suicide girl, handsome boy you got there-- beautiful blue eyes, wow. =) new updated pic of my boys, I surprised my hubby for his birthday by taking the boys to get their professional pics done :D
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    ~Our Precious Little Son Arrived~

    Congratulations, Mrs. Crasher :D He's soo cute and adorable :)
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    The Murder case of JonBenét Ramsey

    A lot of things don't add up in this case, there is many different evidences the police came up with.. I don't know, but I have a feeling it is someone within the Ramsey family, or someone that the family knew. They knew too many people. I was reading that it was possible the girl knew who the...
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    my 2 boys... Cj and Jace

    Beautiful boys! CJ has beautiful blue eyes, wow.. :D
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    *part 2* pictures of children/child

    SherryCherish, Beautiful kids you got.. Sablescort, wow your daughter has grown alot.. she's beautiful :) CyberRed- beautiful daughters, I agree that they look like you :D My 3 boys pic- ;) <~Kieran (3) & Austin (soon to be 6 next thursday) <~Sean (19 1/2 mos.)
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    our kids w/.GIF

    You did great...she's so cute and beautiful.. sure is growing a lot :) You look great too! :D
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    my growing up pictures...

    Great slideshow! You were beautiful as a baby and still are now :D
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    our kids w/.GIF

    LOL that's cute :D
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    Pics of me and Jeremy...

    Great pics of you both, you both look happy :D
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    More game - ABC of girls or boys name

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    List any school name that you have been attended (elementary to high school)

    Sorry, deafdyke.. I saw this post very late :Oops: I didn't graduate at 21, I would have graduated at age 18 but didn't graduate at all due to being pregnant at 18.. :| I still know almost all the staff at Clarke, except the new ones that joined after 1997. Since you said you went there...