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    I’m looking for someone to practice ASL

    I have Skype, Facebook messenger and kik
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    Hi. Thank you. I'm actually getting use to it. Only thing I'm not getting use to is being a single parent of a hearing child. Wow deaf-blindness is hard to get through, but if you can get through that..I can totally get through this. I hope...
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    Person Below Me

    Nope but I really should start getting ready lol TPBM do you have any kids?
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    Hey sorry I'm replying so late but I'm adding you right now
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    I’m looking for someone to practice ASL

    Hey! Maybe all 3 of us can learn as we go together. I really need to learn more ASL and practice my receptive skills since my hearing will be completely gone soon.
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    Looking to practise asl

    Hi there. I'm losing my hearing and I'm learning ASL. I would love to practice with u and brush up on my receptive skills. I have Skype and FaceTime.
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    Im 20 and i just been told im going deaf..

    Thank you so much!
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    Hi stay at mom of 3

    I can help you a bit.
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hello. I am losing my hearing and it'll be so great if I can practice with you.
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    Im 20 and i just been told im going deaf..

    I'm 23 and a single mom. I also have it and it really sucks. It hurts really bad but I just sit in the quiet when my daughter at school. If you find anything that works so I won't have to be a shut in, please let me know!
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    Looking to practice ASL and make friends over skype

    Hi. I would love to Skype with you.
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    Hi. I would love to Skype with u.
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    Hi everyone. I am now learning ASL and I would like to think I know a good little bit. I am looking for new friends and people to talk and practice ASL with. I am 23 years old and losing my hearing at an accelerated rate. If you would like to be My friend and help me, please reach out. I look...