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    Graduate school with VR support?

    I am planning to enroll into a graduate program and decided to seek a support from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). From what I understand, VR usually support you for four years (equals Bachelor's degrees) , might not support you after four years. Therefore they won't support you when you go for...
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    NTID Dean's scholarship

    I wonder... anyone has NTID Dean's scholarship before? I'm first year student at NTID and have that scholarship, but I have thought about housing next year. I want to get apartment, but I heard that if I have that scholarship, I have to stay at dorm for full four years... What's up with it?
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    No Charges for Nazi Dog

    where is the link to where you get the news from?
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    Robert Johnson, Deaf creator of Sextoon Died Post #1

    who will take care of site...?
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    i saw ya. :)
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    Guess what I'm using at this moment...

    eh. i should get it... but it costs $2,000... :(
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    Rochester to Toronto

    Hehe. I'll try. Heya Do I have to bring passport? I think I left it at home (I currently live in college)...? I only have green card. :-d
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    Live Journal

    Eat my dick, LiveJournal. I love you, Movable Type. Movable Type is like for Advance Bloggers only. Yea. I'm using MT. It's not hard.
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    Rochester to Toronto

    When I enter RIT, I'll think about visiting Toronto, Canada. I just found out that driving from Rochester to Toronto takes three hours. I can't afford car. I heard about the ship that sail from Rochester to Toronto. Anyone know about the ship thing? cost? how long does it sail from Roc. to Tor.?
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    come to NTID/RIT

    hm. i have a question, if i am majoring in ACT for one year. It transfers me to RIT in NMIT. The bacholar suppose to take four years. That means I'd be stay in RIT for 5 years? I'm not sure. Please let me know. Thanks.
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    come to NTID/RIT

    (writes down) pens, pencils, notebooks, disks... Thank you! you are useful. I'm majoring in Applied Computer Technology. I want to minor in Chinese and Japanese language. I'm thinking about changing my major to art Illustration or something.
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    come to NTID/RIT

    I;m going to NTID/RIT on aug 24th... I want to know... What school materials should I buy? notebooK? paper? pen? etc?
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    You know that Confucius taught us to respect elders and parents, right? Ironically, Confucius hated and didn't respect his mother.
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    is there ever a deaf superhero?

    hulk could be deaf because of his lousy english grammar...
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    Muslim Woman Must Drop Veil for License

    i heard this good quote from someone from another forum: "If your religion required you to wear gloves do you think they will take fingerprints with them on? Of course not, in order to get your license you need to uncover your face. Its not mandatory to get a license so religion doesn't play...