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    Hello my name is april I am hearing and I am a hairstylist in South Carolina I do you have a few Deaf clients

    Awesome! What part of SC? I’m inthe Inman/Spartanburg area.
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    Happy Birthday, AlleyCat!

    Happy Birthday
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    Mad Jeopardy!

    On what did @Beowulf apply vaseline to keep intruding AD members out? Sonic boom
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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    Avoid them, they vomit digestive fluids everytime they land on something.
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    Person Below Me

    Tequila shots. :D tpbm What are your reasons to drink?
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    Person Below Me

    Blueberries TPBM Fave dinner is done alerted, smoke detector or timer?
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    Heads up if you have Facebook, please read this!

    I have an older pair I recently replaced. Still in great working order, is this person still interested? PM me.
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    What would you rather be doing right now??

    Don’t slip! ;)
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    Person Below Me

    Mtv sucks. Music vids on demand. TPBM Would you start a naughty thread?
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    Person Below Me

    Got beat there. lol One date felt like I needed a tire iron to get her to open up. Communication wise. TPBM Same question.
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    Person Below Me

    I hate shopping. lol TPBM Are you current or stuck in your fave era?
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    How Do You Wake Up For Work?

    I’m a light sleeper, use a vibrating watch.
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    Person Below Me

    Chicken and other mystery vegetables which I got steaming right now. TPBM Are you a fan of low frequency sound (aka BASS)?
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    Person Below Me

    Yeah, registering to this site. TPBM Lowest temperature you can handle?
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    Tipsy Bartender

    Tenesse tea! Good mixed drink!