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    Hell's Kitchen *Season 5*

    hey LakeTahoe thanks for let me know it my hubby fav show and I will set DVR for him
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    There's been a death in your family and you're devastated

    hi I do understand how you feel my mother in law and my gramnda pass away in the summer . it would be hard for our family but other way we can think about them in good times
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    My brother, Robert the Army.

    HI I wants to say I am glad that you share about your brother I was same shoe as you , My brother name is Angel He was in Iraq 3 times now he live in missouri . I don't know if he will go to Iraq again Here a pic of him
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    Blockbuster, Netflix or Redbox (Vote Poll)

    i am memeber of netflix for 4 years
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    New Show-90210

    cool I did not know that it will be on thanks for let me know
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    Porn Star finally get pregnant

    i don't think porn star work hard they have easy job
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    Netflix Has Problems

    I am member of netflix for 4 years I don't have problem with it too
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    Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit

    that is cool i wish i can have one someday i will have one
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    Mother's day

    HAPPY MOTHER 'S DAY !!! I give my mom and my gramda card with 20 dollers my mom in law hate for us to give her money so we buy her flowers
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    Men VS. Women in marriage and unmarriage parnter

    Hey Shel90 same here my freind was shock we don't share the bank account she say to me that my hubby and I don't trust each other it not ture we just wants our own account it just easyer for us to pay bills.
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    What Ticks You Off (Most) About Hearies?

    what ticks me off about hearies I talk very good not 100% about 70% while I work with new co worker ask me about the file I told her which file she say that file go to payroll I say ok it right there Then she give me a look saying the other co worker say you are deaf I say...
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    Did you design your profile on AllDeaf?

    I don't know how :(
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    Happy birthday to Vampy

    Happy Birthday !
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    Marlee Matlin may go Dancing With the Stars

    The score is 24
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    Marlee Matlin may go Dancing With the Stars

    I understand that same as my co worker say like wow i did not know deaf people can dance I said yes they can