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    Any single deaf/signer women interested in LTR/Marriage?

    I moved to near Richmond VA couple years ago and I am having heck of time finding a single Christian women between 28-38. It seems that they are hiding except for much older deaf at silent dinner/lunch. But I am willing to expand my search.. I guess here about me and what I am looking for...
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    Post Office employees

    I have noticed that PO in smaller towns are more friendlier than larger towns/cities. YMMV..
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    Wells Fargo Discrimination!!

    Right.. But the monitoring service is not free.. I use service, but I think their price is around $14/mo, but I got it lowered to $6.95 couple years ago which I think it was fair price considering you get monthly reports/scores along with alert notification.. I know I...
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    Trouble staying signed in.

    Is anyone having problem staying signed in.. It seem that I am keep getting signed out even I didnt sign out.. I am using latest FF 3.52 with default settings.
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    Wells Fargo Discrimination!!

    I don't agree with you on that. I think NAD should be notified about this issue. I am not an lawyer but I believe a civil suit usually get their attention and force them to resolve issues (most of the times) before going to court. Everyone, including hearing and deaf face risk of ID thief...
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    Viable blocked on WWAN?

    No one have verizon wireless to confirm if viable is blocked or not?
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    Apple Mac laptop?

    My first dell laptop is 600m 6 years ago and still using it for "poor man" media streaming player and internet browsing on my 42" TV. I recently acquired Mini 9 from purple, they are great for basic stuff on the road. Only thing I was disappointed about mini 9 is they lack slot for WWAN (but...
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    Too Many VP Numbers!

    Since each VP device requires it own phone #, just like regular landline and cell phones. I have a free service called Google Voice which I get one phone #. I havent tried this yet but you can program each VP phone # into google voice #. Whenever someone calls that #, it will rings all numbers...
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    P3 Software

    Is anyone experiencing black screen on your P3 software when calling out to Sorenson VP200 phone? I tested this on 2 different network plus tested using within same network. When I call from VP200 to P3, both video direction works. Just calling to VP200 from P3 only have one way video. I...
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    Viable blocked on WWAN?

    That's correct. I am seeing approx 1mbps down and 500 kbps up. I am looking forward for LTE in 2010. It works with P3 but video seem to be about .5 to 1 second delay.
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    Viable blocked on WWAN?

    No, it is cellular phone built in or plug into USB port.. See for more information: Verizon Wireless - Mobile Broadband - Overview This service is useful in area where WiFi hotspots are not available (ie. in car, park, beach, etc.) They are a little slower than WiFi but is available nearly...
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    Viable blocked on WWAN?

    Like my previous post said, wired and wifi are NOT an issue.. I am just having issue getting it to work with my Verizon Wireless (cell phone data service). I suspects it may be blocking but I need confirmation from others that is using verizon wireless service.
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    Apple Mac laptop?

    I agree.. Been using dell computers for more than 6 years with very minor issues.
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    Viable blocked on WWAN?

    I have Viable installed on my netbook, it works fine while connected to wired/wifi connectivity. However, it doesn't work while I am on Verizon Wireless.. I want to see if anyone else here having this same issue.. P3 works while I am on Verizon wireless. Thanks!
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    Purple Netbook unleashed

    Finally got Purple Netbook last Monday, but performance really sucks big times, even with windows reinstall.. It turned out that dell's stock 16GB SSD is very lacking at write speed. I purchased 32GB runcore SSD and 2GB RAM which I just got it today. Man, this new SSD rocks, I was able to...