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    Please explain why deaf people are proud to be deaf???

    I don't understand why deaf people are proud to be deaf. I hate hate being deaf. Can't do stuff that requires hearing. Lawsuit settlements with hospital takes forever..... Autocorrect doesn't recognize word deaf and corrects it to dead. Please explain why people like being deaf??? If I...
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    5 Reasons Life As A Deaf Person Is Weirder Than You Thought

    Deaf peoples minds are always in the gutter. Deaf
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    Have you had any GOOD experiences with VRI especially in hospital?

    To be honest, I am growing weary of seeing so many vlogs and negative comments on VRIs especially in a hospital setting. I have not had any bad experiences with VRI at all and I have used it several times at the Urgent Care with no problems. IF you don't like having VRI then why are you...
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    Deaf Protest, Washington, DC., Sept. 6-9

    I'm a foreclosure specialist at a law firm.
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    Deaf Protest, Washington, DC., Sept. 6-9

    It's not about your deafness. It is about your skills, and how you sell yourself in a job interview. I have a very good job and I always went to job interviews without an interpreter and don't even tell them I'm deaf. I just show up. No problems, and I still got the job. It's about...
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    A person that hates gay people wants to be an interpreter

    She hates gay community, unfriended people since the SCOTUS day, thinks being gay is wrong wrong, etc.. whatever She is studying to be an interpreter. I don't think she should be an interpreter because I know a large number of deaf people in the large city (Seattle) are gay. DO u...
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    Interpreters at funerals, etc

    Who pays for them? Who is responsible to arrange for one? You or the funeral director? In my experience, I've always contacted the agency or interpreter friend. The interpreters are often volunteering their time for the funeral and wont charge for you.
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    How do you like using VRI at urgent care?

    I'm curious. There's this person on FB that is very anti-VRI in medical setting. I have no qualms about using it, especially in urgent care/ER dept., especially when you need immediate attention and can't wait for an interpreter. Lots of people say they have bad experiences about VRI and...
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    Websites to educate new boss/coworkers about deaf employees

    Hi. I have a new job starting in two weeks. The firm has never had a deaf employee before. I'd like good websites on how to work with deaf people, communication,etc. I've been looking around,,,,, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Snap? snap? is it a deaf slang word? definition?

    I've been seeing it all over facebook lately on deaf friends facebook pages. What does it mean? Thanks!
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    May be getting laid off soon, how easy is

    Thanks. I know times/things were alot easier back then! LOL I am looking for work right now.... not easy, though and not knowing my last day is not helping!
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    May be getting laid off soon, how easy is

    it to get SSDI for a while until you get another job? Thanks
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    MOvie "And Your Name is Jonah" is now subtitled!!

    Ok got it, thanks I was thinking you were saying you had And Your Name is Jonah is on dvd but it was Love is never Silent. Thanks for clearing it up! :)
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    Why can't deaf people respect deaf people's choice of sign language?

    Please keep in mind that SEE was my first language and ASL was never used in schools growing up. I do sign PSE, too. I just do not understand full blown ASL at all. I just want people to respect me and my signing as I respect their ASL signing even though I don't understand it if they...
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    Why can't deaf people respect deaf people's choice of sign language?

    Not offended at all! :) I do not fingerspell alot of words! :P