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    Real Effects of smoking pot

    its ok to smoke pot if youre a nobody? somebodies smoke pot, i dont think there is anything wrong with smoking pot, as long as you dont let it get in the way of life. :smoking:
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    In your opinon,Who is americas greatest rock n roll band

    :bowdown: Journey and The Eagles!!!!!!!
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    Is Chocolate Healthy? The Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

    chocolate is an aprhodisiac :buttsex:
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    Annie they have amplified stethoscopes, I got one (from the state of texas) when I went to CNA school. But in order for me to use it, I have to take off my hearing aids..which sucks. (make sure you get some assistance for the stethoscope, if you do get one, they are expensive!!!!) Health care...
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    Bulldog Puppies 4sale..

    sososososososooooo cute
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    Tips on driving a stick?

    i learned back in 95 when i got my new truck....bought the truck before i knew how to drive a dad taught me.....big mistake....if not have your dad teach you..ha....since ive driven both...stick and automatic..i prefer automatic...hence the SUV i drive now is an auto...
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    Death Penalty

    im all for the death penalty..but...people in prison and on death row..have it easy....i think their deaths should be harsher...not simple lethal injections etc...if they blow up a building.they should have a stick of dynomite shoved up their asses and someone light the fuse..just so they can...
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    Huge Cat..

    god damn those cats are huge :shock:
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    Did your parents freak out when u get tattoos/piercings?

    in 1998 i got my eyebrow pierced was staying at a friends dad came to pick me up..he didnt notice right away...then did a double take and said god dammit like what? ha he got over did my mom.... last march i got my first tattoo...labret (lip) and both nipples...
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    Happy Birthday Fly Free

    ~*~happy birthday~*~ ((((((steph))))))) oxox
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    Training a Deaf puppy

    (((((annie)))))))) oxoxo thanks :) yeah i remmy you mentioning that you werent able to get the dog..... i will find out about the vibrating collar..cuz think that would come in handy.... :) ox
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    Training a Deaf puppy

    thanks for the info...appreciate it :D
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    Training a Deaf puppy

    i was recently given a deaf puppy by a family who had small children... they recently found out that the puppy was deaf..and the vet warned them about scaring and sneaking up on the dog...if he got scared he could bite or snap.......has anyone ever had a deaf puppy or trained one? i would love...
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    *packs bag* im all ready not fond of flying either someone drug me or knock me out please!! ha
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    Any of you guys had green poop?

    its normal..prolly due to dyes in food and happens to everyone so i wouldnt freak out about something like that