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    If you have ever had a nasty lung infection.......

    So sorry you have problems with your lungs. I am just getting over with my bronchitis and I've had it for three months. I stay home most of the time when the weather is cold as much as I could. I also have asthma, so I use two types of inhalers and sudafed. Avoid dairy products as it causes...
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    What is your state insect and bird?

    Oklahoma bird: Scissor-tailed flycatcher bug: honey bee
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    What kind of schedule does a typical terp have?

    When deaf patient has sleep study, the interpreter stays close by all night long while deaf patient goes to sleep with all the wirings attached to head and body. Every time deaf patient needs to get up to go to the bathroom, the deaf patient must click on remote to summon assistant to help and...
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    Depression, anyone?...

    I have SAD and what helped me is to go outside in the sun during winter months for about 20 minutes daily. I sit on a lawn chair in my winter coat when its cold outside and I feel the sun on my face and become happier:) I remind myself that in a few months, spring will be coming next and the...
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    What's your dinner tonight?

    I grilled the seasoned ribs and had great dinner with my family.
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    what does PAH mean?

    I've always envision the sign "struggle" then mouth word "pah" as "made it" for success.
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    I'm engaged and counting down days

    That's wonderful news!! Congrats:)
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    Metastatic Disease in my bones! [Video]

    That is a wonderful news, WW!! I have been wondering about your health and am so happy to hear the great news! Thanks for keeping us updated.
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    Biography of a cat

    This cat video made me smile. So fun to watch!
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    Bad News:

    Hello Cheri, I'm so glad and thankful that you have never given up on your dad. He has you as his support and you know your dad very well. You know he really wants to improve. After reading Reba's post that the nursing homes now have place where the patients could do therapy/excercises so that...
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    Disney Removes CC from Up rental release

    My husband rented the UP movie from local movie rental and it has CC on it. If from Blockbuster, no cc. It makes me angry that some well known movie rentals like Blockbusters do not caption the movies for the deaf. How would hearing people feel if there were no SOUNDS on rental DVDs?? Same thing...
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    Bad News:

    I agree with Reba. Cheri, I pray that your dad puts his trust and patience on doctor and people at the hospital, also his family to leave his feeding tube alone so that he can recover. He has been in hospital for so long that he is more and more frustrated. He was used to be in charge of the...
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    Where were you 30 years ago?

    In a few months 30 years ago, I was about to attend Gallaudet University, where I met a man that I wish I never met. He became my husband who later became my ex husband 19 years later. I don't regret having my two wonderful daughters out of that marriage:) Now I'm very happily married to my...
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    Cat survives 19 hours in freezer

    I can't imagine a cat being in the freezer for 19 hours and coming out still alive! It didn't say if the cat suffered frost bite on its paw or any other damages. Guess it's true when they say the cats have nine lives!
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    Happy birthday to you, Seq!!! Glad you had good time in Portland:)