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    Tinnitus is driving me insane.

    The world will world what's to stress about, I think it's funny stupid or is it stupid funny, I forget which way to say it :fart: :lol::popcorn:laughter GREAT meddeson, enjoy the adventure
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    What if......

    We call them the good old days
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    "Unknown Causes" of Hearing Loss

    Same, my story all over here, again slide started late 20s, high frequency loss, then concenents blends, more concenents gone, don't know when bad geen turned on but around 55 finely discovered when it almost killed me do to massive organ failures, years worth of antibiotics and other meads...
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    Yaha hearing aids don't help me much, I had a neck problem for over a year before I figured out I was straining to try to hear what I couldn't, it took me at least a year to at least try to quit straining, been what 3-4 years now and sometimes I catch myself doing it again, it's hard to quit...
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    Tinnitus is driving me insane.

    :gpost:so many treatments, no cure, I've tried most you-tube treatments, sometime I think maybe but not really, I've had it all my life so I didn't know it was not normal
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    Looking for ASL practice friend.

    This may sound roud, but first of all I can't hear you from behind a mask, please remove your face covering so I can understand you:dunno2:
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    Does stress make hearing loss worse?

    Read through late onset deafness under Our World Our culture, might give you some? soloist, and don't know where it's at but, ? are you embarrassed by your deafness :hug:
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    Need ASL Partner To Practice With :)

    Don't feed the trolls
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    Yah when they say Huh? I say exactly, there trying to be funny not an asshole, or at least I give them the benefit of a doubt, first time it's funny, but becomes a bore:noway:
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    Hope your ok haven't seen you around

    Hope your ok haven't seen you around
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    Does stress make hearing loss worse?

    Don't know I don't stress, but sometimes I think I hear something I'm not suppose to hear, sometime it's just in my head, sometime I'm pretty sure I heard it like the ticking of a clock, that's not one of my tinnitus sounds, but yah my hearing (such as it is) has bad days and not so bad...
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    Cochlear Implant Forums

    Yaha!! Mystery solved:dance2::dance::cheers:
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    What's Your Dinner Tonight -- Part II

    White beans with diced onions, peppers, chicken, a sour apple, mushrooms, celery, and what ever spices, basel, black pepper, one of my 3 staples:cheers:
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    Tell us a story :popcorn:
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    Facial Masks- COVID-19

    Dauh, we knew that back in February, even lying Foul Che let it slip, the n95 stops 95% from getting to you you ok with 5% ? exit port let's your breath out so your not protecting others, surgical clogs up in 30minutes then becomes a career, encourages you to touch your face with contaminated...