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    What is the quality of Gallaudet nowadays?

    Oh geez, splitting hairs again?
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    Where is Marie Philip now?

    Does anyone know where is Marie Philip working now? Last time she was working as an ASL storyteller in Boston but that was 10 years ago. I need to contact her. thank you!
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    Any Naturists Here?

    Pek1, You may want to check out Hedonism II, a resort in Negril Jamaica. It's a clothing optional resort. People there are very friendly. I went there three years ago and had a blast. PM me if you want to.
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    Dear Joshua

    Hi Joshua, You should speak to Danny DeC..., a deaf-blind chef. I think he used to own a "Rajin' Cajun" restaurant in Seattle. I believe there are many Deafies with Usher living in Seattle. Over 100, perhaps?
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    Dear Joshua

    Joshua, So, there's no unemployment among the deaf in Seattle? I would love to do animation for the Internet. I like working with programming language too. Also, is there a Deaf professional Happy Hour in Seattle? thank you!~
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    Dear Joshua

    Dear Joshua, Should I move to Seattle? How's the job market there? Keep up a good work. I think you should have your own web site.
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    Have you dating with hearing ? How do you feel about it?

    I tried dating hearing women before but the problems is her friends or her parents think of me as "slow"
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    Best city/town for a Deaf person to live in?

    Seattle is very deaf-friendly place. Many deafies work for Amazon, REM, Microsoft, Starbucks corporation. Los Angeles is very unfriendly towards deaf people. They cannot stand them. The unemployment rate among deaf people in LA is very high.
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    Deaf Lottery Association Scams

    why not give them a fake address and fake bank number? That shall teach them a lesson!
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    Joseph Mesa....

    well, what happened to Thomas Minch, the original suspect?? Police did arrest him but released him for insufficient evidence. Gally suspended him and Tom went back to his home state, Maine. Did Gally let him back to the campus? Or he transferred to RIT? I can imagine on how difficult to be...
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    And he was cued...

    I guess it's different strokes, different folks. Hey Jeff (Netrox), what happened to your blog? It's so dormant.
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    Why deafies have two TV sets in one room??

    In most deaf people's house, they always have two television sets sitting side by side in the living room or bedroom. They watch two different programs at the same time. Do you have two TV sets together in one room? Very wierd!
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    I kicked out my roommate today!

    If you need a roommate, make SURE he or she has a JOB!!!!!! No SSI!
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    bad guys ask you for send money?

    Sara, Have you met James in person? If no, why are you calling him "your boyfriend"???
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    District files appeal against deaf student

    Mods, Will you please close this threads? We've had it with their bickering. thank you