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    Hello There!

    Welcome, I am sure there are a lot of young people who will enjoy chatting with you. Check the threads for different topics, too. I am a senior citizen - grandma age.
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    As an HoH person, I rely a lot on the actions to match the wordage, facial expressions and other things. I deem a movie a talkie or one I can view and enjoy. Talkies are harder because they may not face the camera for all the sounds that are really needed.
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I haven't been embarrassed but I have been intimidated so I haven't tried for careers I could have done, just because I lacked the confidence that was needed since both were professions - nurses and medical assisting, seemed to rely on hearing abilities. I don't think my lip reading skills are...
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    Flaws Found in State Child-Abuse Registries

    That is a huge problem, and you are quite right. Maybe it should be dropped. It could just be a method to defame someone who is not liked, too. Scary stuff.
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    I wish you were wrong! I really do wish you were wrong! But unfortunately, the government doesn't think our issues are significant enough. Your best bet may be to find a lawyer to fight for benefits, but then again it could be fruitless. Because my deafness was lifelong as a HoH, the...
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    Small Business Website Development Company or Developer?

    My son's business does that.
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    Flaws Found in State Child-Abuse Registries

    Actually it isn't a matter of not going into friends houses. People in professions that interact with kids also have a better chance to abuse them. We did go to our friends' houses and sometimes played inside. While you are against the registry there are benefits to it, but not everyone on it...
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    Hearing Community

    Surely there are groups that meet somewhere in Tulsa. In my old hometown, through the local school, I found that there was a regular group meet in one of the schools after school hours. That provided a nice way to meet more people in the deaf and HoH community which in turn allows for more...
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    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    I know you love your partner, but reality can hit very hard and this may not be something that you can truly live with as you get older and communication issues get worse. Communication is essential to any relationship. As for arthritis, there are so many ways to treat it that it should not...
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    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    If you are working check with the unemployment agency for handicapper services. I got mine through them -- more than once. Also the lions club helps to finance them. Depending on your own health insurance, some may partially cover the costs.
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    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    Ask for classes in it through the deaf community centers/groups near you and the local colleges. Today there is no excuse for not learning it.
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    Is it normal....

    I actually dog sit and some of the people I sit for do that too. It is a wiser way to share the internet. Plus it is something that you as the internet provider - have control over so you can change it anytime.
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    Need some help

    Check with your local city clerk's office, state office for human services, local handicapper services run by social workers, schools, and search the internet to find groups in your area. Some organizations like the Knights of Columbus or Lions Club -- which help with hearing aid costs, may...
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    Picking a new hearing aid

    What is the OPN S?
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    Picking a new hearing aid

    Depends on the person, really. Some deafness is progressive. Others is constant. Mine is supposedly constant, but I am not so sure about that. I think it has gotten worse over the years. Then the hero aid said avoid putting sound on the ear drum in it's info perks and I thought about eye...