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    Most FUBAR Book/Movie/Etc?

    Wirelessly posted most fubar movie clockwork orange
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    anyone into mudding/mudbogging? lifted 4x4 trucks?

    Wirelessly posted a dodge with a 6" lift and a lot of mud makes for a full day of fun I grew up in south ga where hunting playing in the mud with huge trucks is the norm
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    A thief broke into my house last night ...

    Wirelessly posted if he any good at finding any send my way
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    Your AD name, why?

    Wirelessly posted my name nightwolf was actually given to me by a creek elder
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    Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years

    Wirelessly posted dogs are very smart and loyal animals this dog cared very much for its owner I had a dog who actually saved my life I was walking through the woods one day my dog honey got infront of me and wouldn't let me move about 6 ft away was a rattle snake honey kept me from getting...
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    Wirelessly posted look more like alpine star motocross boots
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    What was your favorite thing you had as a kid?

    Wirelessly posted my bicycle and my big red wagon which I use to tie behind my bike to haul everything from trash to friends
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    Facebook stalker sentenced to 10 years in prison

    Wirelessly posted a person like that needs to be in prison for life not just ten years it is insane that people actually do that to anyone that is the lowest form of wana b human on earth
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    University of Texas, Austin, evacuated because of bomb threat

    Wirelessly posted also university of north Dakota state got a bomb threat to
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    If you had tons of money: favorite charities

    Wirelessly posted the wounded warrior project the USO National law enforcement officers memorial fund
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    favorite movie quote

    Wirelessly posted my favorite quote is from Last of the mohicans there is a war on how is it you are headed west its easy we face to the north then real sudden like turn left
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    Wirelessly posted Ty
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    Wirelessly posted I give respect to people unless they give me a reason not to
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Wirelessly posted last movie I watched in theaters was avengers last movie at home was I am legend
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    Wirelessly posted I served in Afghanistan