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    Seeking for a serious relationship !!

    for starters, where do you live? location?
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    where do you live? that'd help you for starters...

    where do you live? that'd help you for starters...
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    Jiffy lube scam caught on tape!

    well..I'm not surprised you burnt up their company Van.. no wonder they didn't give you the new one..
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Just finished a engine change on a MD-80 well, we just removed / dropped Engine. The day shift will finish install of new engine... now I am just killing time, on internet till I get off at 5 am
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    Looking For That Special Someone

    might help if people knew where about you live...
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    Deaf or Hearing Men

    what's with you and turbocharges? your an idiot over them..
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    Women are Better Drivers Than Men: Study

    i call bullshit.
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    What kind of job do you have ?

    aircraft mechanic for airline. 18+ years now. work on 777 / 767 / 757 / 737 and MD-80 (hate working on those, they are so hard to service.) going to school soon for Scarebus (Airbus) and 787.
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    Who is single here?

    still single here.... and enjoying it..... no need rush into any relationship...
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    White House needs to tighten security

    they can't secure the US / Mexico Border what makes you think they can secure the white house Fence?
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    IL to send 40 State Troopers to combat violent crime in Chicago

    they need a lot more than 40, more like 4000!
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    I like being single

    I'm single, since 2001 enjoying life single. not dating anyone and no drama in my life. I like it.
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    Why You Need to Know This Dashboard Symbol

    Regular air is 78% Nitrogen the rest is oxygen and bit of other stuff.. Nitrogen is used in aircraft tires, because pressure stays stable in hot air on ground (and HOT radiant heat from brakes) to the very cold -70 below temperatures at 35,000 feet and up.. Nitrogen use in automotive...
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    Any singles Women in Texas?

    Just Steers & Queers in Texas...
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    Phonak Naida Ultra Power?

    I have nadia Q90-UP. I like them, when they work... I've had nothing but trouble with them. I went to Phonak USA head quarters Friday spoke with them about issues I'm having. they wouldn't return calls or help me just told me to go to their dealers. local Dealer wanted $100 office...