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    New and needing help ...

    <- proud to stay deaf.
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    welcome back
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    AllDeaf Memorial

    Rip, sappy
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    It's nutkickin' time!

    Happy birthday to you!
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    Anyone from New Orleans?

    Deaf club and deaf social you can find in the internet
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    I was forced to have it and refused. I’m happy who I am.
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    Hurricane harvey

    It is because the govrnor is on wheelchair and she has to sit by him
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    Person Below Me

    Take calcium instead of milk Tpbm: water bottles on your bed while sleeping?
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    What is your favorite homemade meal?

    Shrimps or chicken with steamed veggies
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    Donate hearing aids

    I gave mine to my old friend and she thrilled to have it.
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    Happy Birthday to...

    Happy birthday to you, silverroxy
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    Who will become a graphic designer

    Are you a new graphic designer? I’m a senior g.d. for many years. Welcome to g.d. club
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    Welcome back to the mod team, Calvin!

    Congrats to be back to be mod again
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    It's Quack time!

    Happy birthday to you and many more!