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    How are you feeling today?....

    I am feeling a bit mad. I have lost more hearing in my right ear some days its really bad.
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    Costco to Sell Premium Phonak Hearing Aids for US$1349!

    Brio is the Sams club brand hearing aid. I called and talked to a few Costco audios to get info and then a couple of articles about their hearing aids. Just to add you get two aids with 12 channels for 1,600. 00 for a pair.
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    3D Sign Languages

    yeah she is pretty creepy!
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    hearing aids

    I just talked to Costco hearing center and I have an appointment with them they have Phonic blue tooth 15chanel starting at 800 each. My hearing has changed since my last test do to having Menieres I haven't had a test since I had this loss but they will do one for free. My last test I had...
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    hearing aids

    I returned my hearing aids and I am looking at more in-depth then I did before. I sort of know what I want but I am thinking everyone here may know some things I am not thinking of. Using my cell phone for long periods ended up leaving my ear sore. So since I organize things for church and my...
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    Parents won't learn asl with me

    Sometimes it takes parents a few to realize what's going on. You need help them relate to you in this way. For example ask them if they trust. Then say Do you like having a car. Of course I am hoping both answers will be yes. Then you say well my hearing aids get most of the job but I don't hear...
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    What do you want done with your remains when you leave this life

    Cremate me and have a wake, a party and celebrate knowing me. Rejoice that I am in heaven and no longer struggle and not in pain. I want singing and dancing and stories. :)
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    So lonely..

    Body language speaks a 1000 words. My advice would be make sure you walk in the room with a smile hold your self up and your shoulders back. I know when I feel gloomy people avoid me. When your body says lonely or gloom people will think leave alone you have a big sign that says avoid me. A good...
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    How do you handle certain situations?

    My Dad is a Pastor of a church has been a Pastor all my life and he refuses to give legal advise for many reasons this is one... He tells a story of a man and a woman who where not married fighting over their child this was in the 80's (I remember this vividly by the way). The woman's friend who...
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    I got BTE !!

    Saw a starky rep today and she fit me 5000.00 tinnitus aids for me to trial for two weeks. I have never in my life worn anything so expensive. I love so much! She also thinks I can get help from starky even with our 401k because we make 20,000, under their help limit. So here is hoping I am...
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    Mobile Phone Caption?

    Dragon Dictation is free As a person is speaking, Dragon will transcribe the words for the person who is hard of hearing to read. Though it is not perfect, it will usually give enough information to improve understanding of the conversation. This is a great free tool and works best in...
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    Deaf bros hook me up!

    Get your tongue some practice cause your going to be kissing a dude. I would say a bunch of things but I am forcing my self to be nice.
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    My Husband and the neighbor

    So we moved less then a year ago and our neighbors behind us are well rude and annoying that is the short story. So my husband decided to play a joke on them because we know they grow illegal plants in their garage. He saw a white van down the street that was working on another neighbors house...
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    Welcome and hello! Was just diagnosed with Meniere's disease and I think I have had it for a time. I just started loosing my hearing and having spells last year. Your not alone hugs.