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    Is Drinking Alcohol A Sin?

    Why would drinking wine be a sin? One glass of wine a day is supposed to be good for your heart. I don't see how God will be upset with you drinking a glass of wine. It's just drinking it in excess, then you get out of control and commit sin such as violence etc. Taking things in excess...
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    Anyone who is multimedia design? ^_^

    Geekchick, looks like you own a recent apple computer. Perfect for multimedia design. :bowdown: I have experience with lots of design software including the adobe, macromedia and microsoft *cough* design suites... but the last few years, I have neglected to keep up to date with the times. Is...
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    Pathetic posts

    LOL. I did not make this thread to raise some interest. I'm smarter than that :) I do find the threads in here interesting, but I was just raising a point about the one-liners. I couldn't see the logic in it. But now I see the light, and I'm not following it. :) How many one-liners have I made...
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    Pathetic posts

    I didn't quite get that. If you think I'm wanting to leave, well that is not the case. I'll probably just pop in every now and then. And it seems I've hit a nerve with some people here. I don't mean to offend, but I can be blunt. It's who I am. That's why I did not name anyone...
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    Pathetic posts

    You not flirting with me are you? ;) I can understand the random emoticon or one-liner but it's only when you get like 5 or more posts in succession basically saying the same thing, then its just a waste of time. I just wished people would put more thought or effort into their replies. If...
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    Pathetic posts

    Emoticons are fine with me. I use them sometimes, but not on it's own to make my statement. I was referring to those who post only ONE emoticon as their post. WTF?
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    Pathetic posts

    Here is another one!!!! Omegaman, and Authentic... :) I know you are just stirring.... I don't mind. What I was trying to point out is, is it really neccessary to post a comment like SxyPorkie did? There are lots of posters here who have no ability to post more than ONE line or sentence. I...
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    Pathetic posts

    Hey guys, Its been a while since I've been here at (A few years) I notice that lots of people here make pathetic posts... here are some examples: I mean seriously... could you guys at least say something more informative. This is not a chat room or somewhere to donate...
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    Divorce Ring?!

    Im not so suprised. I was reading in a magazine a few years ago about a 'divorce party'. The 'ex' couple invited some friends around and had a party... to celebrate their relationship period. It's nice for people to break up without bitter feelings towards each other. When I broke up with my...
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    Warner to Back Blu-ray Exclusively

    I would be suprised if any of the new blu-ray players came with a vhs slot. VHS is outdated and not supported anymore. Did you see any DVD players with an option to play VERA videotapes? :o)
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    Deaf Life, Better now or before?

    Hey guys and gals, Here is a debate which will last one week. I have to argue that Deaf Life is better NOW, than 30-50 years ago. For an example, We have pagers, internet, cars, technology and life is so great. The other team will argue that Deaf Life was better 30-50 years ago, and...
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    Do you believe in God?

    I agree with you, but with odds of 1 to several million, some of the events told in the bible have happened. Not much faith is required for something with those odds. God would make a good sports better. :) 1 to 52 as in getting a queen of hearts is easy. It happens every now and then...
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    Do you believe in God?

    Interesting thread here! I notice some people were brought up religiously only to become non-believers (or semi non-believers or whatever). This is because God is a "Cruel God" like daveyboy said. "Why is he not preventing events such as the Nazi regime or 9/11?" As in the Bible it says...
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    usernames-what's the reason behind yours?

    "Mister Harbies" My last name is "Harborne", but "Harbies" sounds just so much cooler! "Mr" is so old fashioned, I could only opt for "Mister" which is also much cooler! Putting these two together as one name just makes me the ultra cool "Mister Harbies"! Don't you think? :D
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    Create a Travel Forum?

    I agree. Im going to the WFD Congress in Montreal this year, but have having difficulty finding accomodation. Suppose we had this thread on travelling, travellers would be able to post threads asking for accomodation, advice, costs, options and perhaps meet new friends while travelling. ???