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    Captioned Theatre

    Don't opera houses do this already?
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    Text (SMS) Walkie-Talkie or CB?

    There is some sort of a way using APRS. Here (captions) Not perfect but may be a good start if it's not too technically difficult for her.
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    Headphones for running or gym?

    I'm using Artone 3, It's pricey but I used my FSA to buy it. Totally wireless using BT and T-coil on BTEs.
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    Deaf Dating Sites?

    If you mention deaf or hearing loss in profiles such as POF or OKC, they'll show up in profile searches. Worked for me.
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    Voicemail to text apps?

    It looks like only Google Voice numbers have that feature. I think she wants her own number used. Not a lot of users here want multiple phone numbers.
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    Pairing problem with phonak com pilot and iphone 7

    Have you checked with Phonak or Apple tech support on this? Those two are usually the ones that may help since it's their products and not eveyone has the same aid and cells. Or check if the new update turned off BT. Sometimes these things can be fixed with a reset if needed.
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    What is the most powerful shake alarm clock?

    I'm using the Sonic Alert SB200SS travel model and it works awesome. Very powerful shaker. I place it between the mattress and box that is roughly between my chest and head level. I don't need a big alarm clock hence why I got the travel model. Plus I can set 2 different alarms. I wanted to get...
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    Purchasing equipment using hra/fsa?

    I forgot to update this. I ordered a bed shaker and alarm clock combo and an induction neckloop in mid-February. Early March the FSA company says I need an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letter or a prescription. I asked if a letter from my audiologist would be sufficient. They said yes and the...
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    Caption phones at work

    Yes, CaptionCall for home is free as long the audiologist signs the paperwork certifying the individual is deaf/HOH or pay the 75.00 fee if they still require that.
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    Police pursuit in webster parish

    The General Lee must've been in the shop getting an oil change. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWW!!
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    Purchasing equipment using hra/fsa?

    This may be considered off topic or not relevant to this thread but needed to ask since the traffic here may be helpful. I get Health Reimbursement and Flexible Spending (HRA/FSA) through my job. I am looking to purchase some equipment for my home and daily life use. Last year, I purchased a...