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    Because it's oh so cool

    I never heard of lesbophonia before. Well gayophobia is similar to homophobia.
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    October 11th

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    Photos from the Mr and Miss RAD Contest

    Ummm Why did they won the contest?
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    Because it's oh so cool

    I am not sure if everyone here is familiar that being lesbian or bi or gay in high school make you popular. When I was in high school, one guy cried for an attention from everyone so he told everyone that he was gay so he got tons of friends already. That was really stupid. I came up to him and...
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    Working with Transgender individuals Workshop

    That's wonderful!
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    Any of u or know someone was Gay-bashing?

    I understand. It is almost similar what my friends who used to live there before told me. Yeah... I only have one tshirt that support same sex marriage. I wear it sometime. Very true. I thank Ellen Degrease (sp?) for made it happen. The society won't be same if she didn't kiss that...
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    Hate Crimes in Seattle, Washington :(

    Oh wow... Thanks for sharing that. I can't believe that! These people need to grow the fuck up! Jeez!
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    Matthew Shepard Act is getting closer!

    If you google it, you will see dozens to hundreds of articles related to that.
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    Matthew Shepard Act is getting closer!

    Wrong. Adolf Hilter killed over seven million jews, GLBT, disabled, deaf, and any kind of people that he doesn't agree with. I don't believe that was an accident at all.
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    I have a question for a decision

    That is totally understandable. Good luck with your decision! :)
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    I have a question for a decision

    Pete, Do what you think it is best for you. You also can look at another colleges too than just two colleges that you have been considering to... Just want to let you know that there are many choices out there. :) I wish you the best of luck! :)
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    Gay Relationships?

    Thanks! :)
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    A little strange thread.....

    Naw you didn't offend anyone here. :) I discovered that I am gay at age 13 on my second day of middle school when I walked into my woodshop class and saw really hot 8th grade teacher aid. I immediately knew that I like guys but I kept it to myself until just before I turn 20. Before I came...
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    Gay Relationships?

    I haven't had long term relationship yet. Most of my short relationships only lasted up to one month. :( Hope to meet someone special and will last forever.