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    Alert System

    Anyone have either of the alert sytems in this picture? Trying to decide which is best to purchase.
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    Best "alerting" systems.

    I'm looking to outfit a condo with any and all available technologies. My girlfriend has a vibrating alarm, but that's it. I want a doorbell notification, fire alarm, ability to hook in baby monitor... suggestions?
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    Tapping Bracelet

    So i've wanted to invent a vibrating pager bracelet for a while... and today I found out that someone has created a prototype and it is in beta testing! Check out their Facebook and share the page to spread the word!
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    Vibrating Bracelet idea Tapping Bracelet Someone has marketed this!
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    Deaf product production help

    I honestly don't care if I get money for it. I just want to see it produced.
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    Deaf product production help

    Still any suggestions helpful on who/where I can go to build on what is already out there.
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    Deaf product production help

    Yes I have used those. But my student and kiddo at home don't like to carry around. Which seems like bracelet idea would work better...
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    Deaf product production help

    QUOTE=VacationGuy234;2221015]Before you talk to any companies, I would secure rights to the idea. Also, look into things like watches which can do the same thing. Once apple comes out with it's watch, will this type of product still be viable? I want to be able to push a button to "page"...
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    Deaf product production help

    I have a product idea that I would really like to see manufactured and marketed. But I dont have the startup money to do it myself. Some people have suggested using kickstarter but I dont know if even that is an option. Ideally I would just like to talk to a company who already makes products...
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    Vibrating Bracelet idea

    Getting run over by a car is that one situation I think hearing people use most about Deaf kids, lol. In my world its more, my kiddo has decided he wants to take residence in a tree at the opposite side of the park where I am at and I am wrangling other kids and cant get over there to get his...
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    Hearning newbie here...with a non-verbal child

    • ASL • American Sign Language has some basic ASL lessons for free. I am getting my interpreting certification completely online, through Spokane Falls Community College, though that is a bit spendier of course. Props to you for persuing this for your child and your family! You may look into...
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    Vibrating Bracelet idea

    Posted this in the Deaf Products and Technologies forum, but havent gotten any responses and would like to hear from parents of Deaf children. A typical scenario in the hearing world (be it at a playground, mall, school, etc) is a mom yelling her childs name to get their attention. Sometimes...
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    Input needed and appreciated!

    A typical scenario in the hearing world (be it at a playground, mall, school, etc) is a mom yelling her childs name to get their attention. Sometimes its "Time to go home!" Sometimes it's "Watch out, there is a car coming!" Parents of deaf children are not able to simply give an instruction this...
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    iASL app dissapeared

    The iASL app for ipod/iphone has dissapeared... does anyone know what happened?
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    Adopting Deaf Children

    Deaf children in US are usually adopted quickly. There tend to be more available internationally. Here are a few links: Deaf / Hard of Hearing Adoption deaf-adoption : deaf-adoption Deaf/HOH Adoption Links Continue to be involved in the Deaf community, stay involved. This will be a...