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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    When my oldest daughter turned 3 I decided maybe taking care of a baby in diapers wasn't so bad after all. That physically exhausting period only lasted 3 years, while the mental exhaustion would last 15 years or more. :o :p
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    You might be hearing your pulse.
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Getting ready to go back to work after 2 weeks on vacation.
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    A special birthday to....

    Happy Birthday!
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    Wisdom of the Forum needed

    Tell them they are discriminating against clients - the deaf & HoH.
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    Need A Stethoscope

    I don’t use one but have seen this site mentioned in the past.
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    Ader from years ago

    I was recently thinking about you, probably because I'll be passing through your area in a few weeks, with a stop in St Louis. Figured you were busy with your new place. Good to hear from you.
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    Check ups

    I believe some HAs do not have volume buttons. Most likely the small ones. Anyway, they do set the HAs max volume at a low volume for new users to get used to the sounds. Though I usually went back 2 weeks later to get them turned up and then would go back whenever I felt I needed the HAs...
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    Hearing loss worse

    I'm guessing you're in Canada. I know it can be hard to get them there. (I'm in the USA). But, if you're up to it, keep pushing to at least get tested. It may still take a long time to actually get one, but at least you'll know if you're a candidate or not.
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    Hotel friendly?

    The one's I know for sure are Hilton properties, IHG (Holiday Inn, etc), and Marriott. Hilton and IHG let you indicate you want to see accessible rooms up front. The last time I looked at Marriott, you had to chose a room first and then some point in the process you got to tell them you want...
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    Hotel friendly?

    I know some of the big name hotels are now offering heading accessible rooms. Look for where they have "accessible rooms" when searching for a room then click on that and they'll show you mobility and hearing accessible rooms. Sometimes they're the same room, sometimes they'll be separate...
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    Hearing loss worse

    Where are you located? When my hearing got to the point that I felt I was a candidate my audiologist referred me to a clinic. I never went to my ENT. When you go to a clinic, they will test your hearing with and without your HAs and they test with sentences in noise. If you "fail" the...
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    Hearing loss worse

    Ask your audiologist to refer you to a cochlear implant clinic for evaluation. The clinic would be better able to determine if you're a candidate now for the CI. Don't wait till you're totally deaf.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

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    I Need Adjustments to My CI & Sound Processor

    Have you been going for regular mappings/adjustments? The first 2 years you should have started with many mappings the first 3 months and then have gone every 3 months. More often if you felt the need for adjustments. Also, did your audiologist suggest aural rehab when you got your CI...