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    Guess who i saw at the ballpark?

    raven, one word. bull. fucking. shit. you talk so much crap but when it's dished back at you, all you do is cry about it. never, not even for ONE second would i ever believe that story. :) now do everybody a favor and stfu. kthxbye.
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    Do you pee in the shower?

    all the time actually. :sure:
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    My Thread

    DUDE, i'm a GIRL! *thank god* and omg, raven is TOTALLY my hero, i SO want to be like him, i mean, he's what "COOL" is all about! ok no i lied. that made me throw up a little. *gag*
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    My Thread

    get lost will you? tyvmudf
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    My Thread

    umm, honey its not like i use ONE computer to update. :) i don't have an internet connection @ my apt yet so i use quite a few. :-D and YESSIR i'm a sissy, pink shirts pink shoes, pink hair. :-D bbnt's a pedipohole.
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    My Thread

    mods, do not EVEN think about touching this. :-D tyvmydf. this thread is to just flame. bash. vent. whatever the hell you want to do. :-D and if you even think about locking this, i'll just keep on making more. and more. and more. and more. you could ban me... but...
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    New Year's Resoultion

    I know I know, it's a tad early but i've made up mine. there's just one actually... I PROMISE TO TELL THE TRUTH, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, SO HELP ME GOD. so in spirits of staying with it, i'm going to come clean. AllDeaf used to be an awesome site. Until everybody got banned or...
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    i'm the maple. so true. :)
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    Oujia Board

    whitemoe- :-D AND.... this thread is about the oujia board.. not jesus, not satan, not the healing of ravensteve's ears so could y'all please stop talking about that? i made this thread just to ask if anyone has had any experience or not w/ oujia boards not to hear everyone's opinions on...
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    Interested Hearing person...please help me

    a summarization of my story deaf, hearing parents born hearing, spinal mengitist when i was abt 4 only deaf member of family recieved a CI at age 7 but stopped using it about 13 Fluent in ASL, lipread and talk only when needed as i can't talk that well feel free to PM me:)
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    Oujia Board

    raven... are you THAT ingorant? 'witchcraft', or actually the religion of wiccan is a religion. casting spells to cure people on demand isn't one of the practices. and god, are you THAT hung up on being hearing? if you are, wtf are you doing being a member of a deaf forum? this...
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    Oujia Board

    yes, those toys r us, walmart, whatever boards are just for fun and the company's money. there are some stores you can go to get a 'real' board, which is heavier, wooden, and the letters are carved in and there's an inscription on the back of the board. there's also an "user's manual" on it...
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    Oujia Board

    *a major edit* *bows down and steps out*
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    I'm going to have a new baby :)

    Congratulations! Keep us posted! :)
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    Oujia Board

    yes, companies such as the parker brothers make rip-off 'oujia' boards, but there are also more authentic ones. tyvm. and how can you be EXACTLY sure that it's IMPOSSIBLE to speak with the dead? There are some of us who have, and it's changed us. I feel sorry for you... so close minded...