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    Good bye

    Well, after several arguments and ambush attacks here on all.deaf, I have come to the conclusion that I am finished here. I can no longer tollerate senseless, unprovoked attacks here simply because of some of the choices I have made for my family and my deaf daughter. For a group of people to...
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    [VID]The Greatest Irony

    I think Im finished here. For those that support ma and what I am doing with Lilly, thank you. I will heed the advice given today and be finished with my involvment in deaf culture. I will still continue with Lilyl and her progress. Afterall, she is my daughter and I will do whatever I feel is...
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    [VID]The Greatest Irony

    Thank you. I do find it amazing that some people have such a screwed up perspective on parenting. The "My child is deaf so I will not interact with them" philosophy just screws people up. But apparently, the long term effect of that philosophy has made some of those ignored family members, just...
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    for deaf parents about CODA people

    I have spoken to a few adult CODAs that they admit they were pretty screwed educationally and emotionally because they were raised in a signing household, with no access to speech, other than watching TV. From my perspective (hearing paretn of deaf child), I feel it is just as important to...
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    Identity Politics Gone Wild

    I know that this article was not intended to become a political debate, but too late. Banjo, You are correct, the article is biased. But so are most in all media. As you said, there are bad seeds on both extreem sides. For evidence of that, pick up any newspaper. 99% of all media is biased by...
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    [VID]The Greatest Irony

    That just may be the case. Think about it. If you were on the outside of a group, looking in. And almost everytime you attempt to join that group, you get shit on, you eventually quit bothering. Besides, it is ALOT harder to introduce your child into a hostile group. It requires alot more work...
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    [VID]The Greatest Irony

    Sxy, bla bla bla. You iether have a very short memory, or are trying to stir the pot. Either way, you are wrong. Sleep well, because comments like yours are one of the biggest reasons that hearign parents raise thier children away from deaf culture.
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    [VID]The Greatest Irony

    WOW! I was expecting to have audio on that. As said before, I know very little sign. Am I assuming correctly that the irony is the fact that soem parents think it is ok to sign to a hearing baby, but not a deaf baby? After watching it, I am pretty sure that I got the overall message correctly...
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    What did this mean?

    As I said above, Sophie is still too young to begin training classes. So in the mean time, I have been taking her too as many places as I can where she can be exposed to the public. It is important to socialize any pet dog. But it is vital to have a well behaved work dog if it is going to be in...
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    What did this mean?

    Sophie ( the puppy) will begin puppy obedience training soon. Then basic obedience, then advanced obedience. Then she will begin training as a hearing dog. A hearing dog alerts the deaf person to environmental sounds that Lilly could not hear. For example, smoke alarms, alarm clocks, door bells...
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    Question about new advertisers

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    HOH people who recieved an CI, pls look here!

    Thank you for the compliment about raising a deaf child. But, it has nothing to do with bravery. It is simply doing my job as a parent. As far as I am concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my daughter. The fact that she is deaf is just one of many factors that make her unique in her...
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    Question about new advertisers

    I noticed a new advertiser here. SO where can I get bumperstickers that bash leading democrats? You know, polosi, kerry and people of thier ilk.
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    I need to vent out

    In my experience, I have learned to not have religous discussions with people that have different beliefs than I do. I find it much easier to exist in certain environments that way. You believe what you want to believe, and I will believe what I want to believe. Look at it from this...