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    Birthday Months

    April - aries
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    Who is single here?

    <<<<< divorced and single... ready for looking forward to date man :fingersx:
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    What kind of car(s) do you own?

    I own : 2007 Alavanche Truck - Grey 1999 safari van - Grey 2006 SSR Truck - hunter green from gifts 2006 Pt cruise - dark blue from gifts My Dad has a 2004 SSR Truck- red My mom has a 2006 pt cruise - tan twin brother number one twin has a 2007 caliver - cobolt blue...
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    How do you make mashed potatoes?

    my secert mash pototoes homemade is peel the pototoes skins off, cuts four pieces pototoes then pototoes put boiling the water with the pan and take about 1/2 to one hours... test if the pototes are tender or softs... i use a evoported milk 1/2 cups and chicken broths 1/2 .... sometime it is...
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    Have the Jehovah Witness people come to your door?

    luciadisturbed..... Thanks and :thumb:
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    Have the Jehovah Witness people come to your door?

    i would like to tell you my stories..... The JW just stopped my house and asked me if i still interesting in Jw s church.... I told them that i already have choose the lutheran church only .... Jw people walked away from me.... the two weeks later they came back my house and jw people use a...
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    How common is your last name in America?

    my surname is NOt on the lists... I got puzzled because my dad s familys live in Germany... my mom s side surname is 1531 but her grandmother s side surname is 5037 Thats so weird in our familys...
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    happy birthday to dearly sxyporkie.... remember I always loves you no matter what... kitten just born earlier ?? how many?? i would like to say " happy birthday to you and best of lucks !" \m/ \m/
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    Amish´s history

    I loves to amish peoples.... thats my favorite one ..... I collect a amich cookbook over 300.... i have a amish bread and it called "freindship bread".... you can type on and typing "friendship amish bread" and there are some listing on recipes... Enjoy to cook amish bread .
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    What kind of car wud u like to have ??

    i dont need to drive a fast car .... my dad already have 2003 SSR truck.... it is brand new and noone use a ssr truck... my dad choices red ssr truck... my mom already have 2005 pt cruiser with rag tops... it look excellent colors body is tan and rag tops is dark brown ... i loves to...
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    Who would go watch RR and Angel wedding in July 2007?

    Congrats to rr and angel on future marriage in 's up to them if they want to invite me...:fingersx:
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    Breast-feeding magazine cover gets mixed reaction

    I have breastfeed last daughter but not oldest daughter.... I dont care if anyone stared at my breastfeed... because it is my own breast... i care of breastfeed my baby I used to put the blanket cover my baby while breastfeeding.... I do beleive that breastfeed is natural and keep the baby...
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    Summer will be over soon!

    I can t use a a/c because of real bad headaches .... i tried to turn on a/c but still wont work.... the headache still worse and real painful and gave a/c to my parents away.. they still using a/c.... when i visit my parents house... my mom finally turned off a/c and respect me... the fan is...
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    Summer will be over soon!

    Hey sxyporkie, long time to no chat with you .... welcome in AD... hopefully enjoy and fun to read AD.... Remember I always Loves you NO MATTER WHAT! :ily:
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    I'm a newie!

    Welcome in alldeaf... enjoy and fun to read this ! smile :)